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Constipation/Sibo/scar tissue

Hello, I was researching ways to stimulate the vagus nerve and found this site I have had many abdominal surgeries and have taken antibiotics many times. I do not want to have any more surgeries since surgeries cause scar tissue. I’m in a ton of pain, my mid and low back because yep I’m severely constipated. I can’t feel basically my Sacrum? Yes it true I’ve had a lot of trama in the past. Maybe mentally I’m holding on to everything. But now I feel like I’m doing everything right, probiotics veggies broth 24 yogurt, exercise. I’m seeing best doctors? but there are not answers for me. Magnesium doesn’t work, lactolose, vitamin c, intermittent fasting, not eating exercising nothing is working. I’m doing the protocol for Sibo but what brings me here is that I went to a chiropractor and acupuncturist recently and they both mentioned that possibly my vagus nerve is damaged so my brain isn’t telling my gut to go? Does anyone have experience with this PEMF for ANY of these issues? I appreciate that I recieve a call from Dr Dennis representative Chris today! I love when a real person answers but she thought best to ask the forum. Also I read about the Frequeny Specific Microcurrent created by Dr. Carol McMakin is this simular to the PEMF? I’m at a loss as to what to do. Doctors just want me to go to physical therapy for the pelvic floor and to take laxatives. I do PF exercises about 1.5 hrs a day and breathe work as well. This is disgusting to say but when I went to the ER and was inspected nothing is stuck at the bottom its all under my ribs trapped I believe by scar tissue. Yes I had scar tissue removed in 2018 but no adhesion barrier was used and I’m suffering most hrs of the day. I feel like a shared life is over for me, I’m 57. Heart surgery at age 4 and always had a slow and now redundant colon. Yes I’ve done plenty of therapy, so this box is checked. Oh I had brain surgery, heart surgery, afib and tumors (non cancerous removed from ovaries) etc. I’d appreciate any comments. FYI what makes me hope that this could work is that it might stimulate the vagus nerve? and bam i’d be back in business, haha. Thank you for your time