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Combining 2 x 2 box coils

  1. With your C5/B5, could you in theory, wrap the four possible 2x2 coils out flat to make a larger “mat”? If so, could those be wrapped in some sort of foam or something so that it could be used in bed to soften them while lying on them either on top or the bottom of the pillow case?
  2. How close to the skin do the coils have to be to be effective i.e., could you put them under the pillow?

I have cervical fusion restenosis (narrowing after the initial surgery of the spinal canal due to osteoarthritis) issues in three our of five vertebrae, so would like coverage of the whole neck while in bed. How about stacking two coils by two coils laid out vertically close to the neck to create that coverage and increase the strength of the field instead of one layer of four 2x2 coils.


I am sure one of the experts will probably answer this one.

I have made larger “mats” with coils to slide under my dog. I just used sports tape and the tape sticks to itself, so I made a big square. If you do use it that way, mark the tape on the bumpy side so you don’t get confused…

As far as my understanding from having read Dr. Pawluck, if you are going to put something over it, whatever it is has to be very thin because distance away will affect the performance. Maybe a soft baby’s receiving blanket rather than a pillow?

The experts can speak about it, but Dr. Pawluck is one of the biggest authorities and he doesn’t have people put their PEMF between the mattress and box spring because most of the home PEMF systems are not strong enough to carry that distance.

I will say this about the ICES though, it might be my imagination, but I put it under my dog and sit next to him and I feel it even though I am a full torso away from it, so maybe you could try. Not my imagination either. I put it on my couch with its flip down cup holder and I can definitely feel it.

I am just not sure what the drop in effectiveness would be. Maybe a camping mat? Something very thin.

just lay the 2x2 coils out into the shape you want, tape together, and place under sheets, blankets, bedding. Thinner is better, but they do not have to contact the skin.

Thank you for the replies.

When using grounding blanket, can you use coils under grounding blanket?

I think the grounding blanket acts like a shield. After all, it is designed to shield against electromagnetism. So, I thing most forms of PEMF would lose most of their effects if you tried to use them through a grounding sheet.

You can make larger mats as you suggest, and thin mats or sheets, less than 1/4" or so, should not reduce the effects too much. But every injury and every individual responds differently, so you would have to try to see what works for you.

@ldjones - did you mean having the coils against your skin under an earthing blanket? (Rather than what I think @Bob was assuming - an earthing sheet between you and the coils).

I also use an earthing blanket - mostly because I find it’s the perfect weight for me. I never thought about whether having it over me while having coils against my skin might interfere! Interesting question!

an earthing/grounding blanket is simply a sheet with silver threads which are connected by electrical cord and plugged in the wall ground. So if pemf was induced across it into a body, then it seems a current would also be induced into the silver threads which would be immediately grounded out thru the wall ground. So my question is whether the magnetic field broadcast into the body would be reduced at all, thereby reducing the induced current in the body? It would be easy enough to test with the coil tester placed directly on top of coil or with sheet in between, and see if you can detect any change in brightness of led .

I would place the coils closer to your skin. I would avoid using an earthing blanket between the coils and skin. A cotton or other simple fabric should not interfere, but earthing coils could ground out most of the ICES-PEMF signal.


Bob, i do have the A9a (from 2016) & the M1. If i understand it correct, the box config coils wouldn’t be compatible with the M1. (your site shows that it’s for the A9b, B5,C5). Any reason that the box array’s were made incompatible for M1 which is among the latest? What do you opine on using less coils for longer duration vs more coils lesser duration? Currently my mil having disc degeneration uses the coils for around 1-2 hours since a week and would have her gradually increase the time but am thinking of adding more coils to help her feel better soon.

competing design objectives:
box coils and deep field coils require more power. The M1 is designed for compact portability with a small battery. A real design can not give you competing objectives such as complexity and simplicity, large and small. You can either ride a bicycle or a bull dozer, but not both at the same time. So, you choose a device based on whether it needs to be ultra-portable, which means smaller batteries and less time between battery changes, or you need more power which means it can drive the 2x2 coils but the device needs to be plugged in. If you power the M1 while plugged in and powered from a USB charger, it should drive the 2x2 box coils adequately… but then you lose the portability.

Best results usually result from longer periods every day, experiment with settings and coil placement, persistent use. More power is not usually necessary, but for most people portability is essential for extended daily use.

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How many 2x2 arrays can I use with the C5 device…

four, one on each of the four parallel synchronous outputs.

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does it matter what side is facing each other when you stack 2x2 coils? from what i can tell using the tester, the results of how they’re stacked compared to a pair of coils are different.

2x2 coils sometimes have wiring different from specified polarity. This only affects them when stacking them, but when stacking, you should use the hexagonal coil tester to make sure that intensity increases with each 2x2 array that you add to the stack. If it decreases, this means that the 2x2 coil array needs to be rotated 90 degrees (in plane), re-stack, then retest to verify correct magnetic flux summation (increased intensity).

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