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Coil polarity

Does the polarity of the coil matter or is that only a factor when stacking? Ive seen video claiming that north heals and south has opposite effect. Seems crazy to me I will however yield to the experts.

Thanks in advance

Bob says smooth side on body.

I understand…how does that relate to north and south of the magnetic field.


I have watched videos about that, too, and have read the pages of various men who say that they successfully researched with static magnets.

The problem with studies is that people can’t always replicate them.
Those mens’ studies were not peer-reviewed and it is hard to know what to believe.

Dr. Pawluk is skeptical, and yet, most doctors who use magnetic therapy do tend to abide by it.

I read about it years ago. I will try to retrace my steps. There was something which spun clockwise with one side of the magnet and spun counterclockwise with the other and if that is true, it was enough for me to just listen and do it.

There isn’t a lot of evidence at all for static magnets at all, but some of the doctors who use both PEMF and static magnet have said that the studies don’t use nearly strong enough magnets. Nowhere near what they use in a clinical setting.

I did, however, find a few things which interested me.

This doctor uses both PEMF and static magnets. He explains the North versus South and when to use either. I will post the research doctors answer down further.

This one tempted me several times and I never bought it. It would have been for my cousin, who is now on dialysis. It was too expensive to try without more evidence that static magnets work, but he has lab results, which obviously could be faked, but… well… I already had my eyes on Bob’s Devices when I saw it.

If I was wealthy, I would have bought it and done a proper test. Just to see if they are con artists or not.


I am still trying to find the guy who did the old research, but there are things which interest me about magnetism and it will be that I am not a scientist, so I don’t even know what to make of things for a long time.

For instance, I am interested that they can diagnose cancer with a magnet.

They can drag cancer out of the body with magnets. (In mice so far)

Okay, I found one of the people who said it.

Dr. Philpott said it based on 40 observational trials. Robert Becker said it, too, both men said it was based on their observational trials.

Here is a list of what they use North for versus South


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Thank you for all of your research!

in case Bob didn’t see your question, this will notify him.

No problem.

I will point out that I am researching using the internet and that is a little bit like the old “telephone” game.

I do know that Bob has said that he has never seen static magnets accomplish something at a biological level.

But that is a slightly different question than does the polarity matter.

The doctors who use static magnets pay attention to polarity and they all seem to use the same guidelines.

I didn’t find anyone recommending the opposite.

That is useful to me.

Up until I bought the C5, those things went through my head, but now I have the deep coils and the arrays and the direction doesn’t matter for either of those.

yes, I did not see it until now, thanks for specifically notifying me.

Fixed, steady, unchanging magnetic fields are entirely different from the core technology of ICES-PEMF systems, which are based entirely on rapidly changing magnetic fields.

I discuss the technical details of this many times on YouTube, so I will not repeat it here, but briefly:

ICES-PEMF technology rapidly alternates and reverses its magnetic fields every pulse,

To get the most out of it, follow my directions posted in many places (summary: place the smooth sides against skin).

If you want a DC magnetic effect, use a fixed magnet. The very best ones generally cost under $10. These can be added to ICES-PEMF and the magnetic field will superimpose (pulses add on top of fixed magnetic fields). Just place the magnet you want with the polarity you want inside the ICES coils.

I have tested fixed magnetic fields for many years and have never seen any biological effect as reported, But I could be wrong, so if you do actually see a robust and repeatable biological effect, please report it here.

But if you see no effect, in all fairness, please also report it here.


Hi Bob… I’m assuming on the coil tester that each night represents a pole? can you tell me which side is North and which is South for magnetic polarity? I’ve used this on coil for a different PEMF unit, and noticed depending on what side of the coil, only one light on the tester would light up.

I’m hoping to know which light is North on the pic of your coil tester (link above)


The flashing LED lights indicate rapidly changing magnetic flux, and will not indicate a specific pole unless you have knowledge of other factors specific to your testing conditions and the device. Most modes in each pulse pattern alternate the magnetic polarity, n-s-n-s-n-s-… Only a very few patterns have a single polarity, and only for a short time.

If you see a single green LED flash on the tester, it usually indicates damaged transistors in the pulse generator. Try a different pattern, and if both LEDs flash alternately, then the coils are working properly and the internal circuitry is working properly.

The hexagonal coil testers are not intended for this type of measurement. They are intended to quickly indicate function or malfunction of the device without costing too much or requiring batteries.

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I didn’t want to start a new thread for this, but i found this quite fascinating!

copper has such an interesting property when it comes to magnetic field.

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yes, magnetic fields induce eddy currents (small loops of electricity in the copper) that then create their own magnetic field that is opposite and will resist the change in the original magnetic field. If you drop a strong magnet through a copper pipe it will fall through much more slowly than if it is the same shape/weight of metal but non-magnetic… same physical effect.

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