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Chronic Sacral Pain

Diagnosis: Sjogrens (autoimmune) and OsteoArthritis.
Symptoms: chronic significant sacral pain on one side for 30 years
Device: both C5 and M1 devices

Protocol with no improvement: Omni 8 protocol on both devices. Duration 3-4 weeks. Began August 2018 with limited use of the M1 in the day and C5 nightly during sleep with smaller coils with no notice-able improvement.

Protocol that worked: I switched to using the C5 with Box array coils in early Sept 2018. I used it on average 4 nights per week for over a month while sleeping. My sacral pain essentially went away. I only turn on the C5 now if I start noticing my sacral pain start to flare up, which only happens ocasionally. The pain responds within days of resuming sleeping with the C5/Omni 8/Box array.

Disclaimer: I also use other therapies too. I have been doing non-stop protocols for 30 years in attempts to improve my pain. 30 years ago the pain was both sides and debilitating. I have improved with various diet, exercise, physical therapy, supplements but until the ICES devices, I still had pain in my left sacral joint every day. ICES Pemf is the only completely new thing I am trying. Other things include: muscle recalibration with a therapist and Prolon intermittant fasting-mimicing diet.

I have also used the M1 for more limited success for neck pain - it seems to calm the inflammation but doesn’t make it go away as long as the success on my sacral joint(s)


This is excellent and very helpful, thanks. Exactly what I was hoping for.

That is really useful.

Thanks for sharing.

Please describe {box array}

2 x 2 Array Coil is also called a Box array