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Cartilage/Tendon Regrowth

I have two degenerative meniscus, and shoulder tendonitis. I have the model A9 and switch between my knees/shoulders everyday and every night. The A9 seems to bring inflammation down, but I wondered if anyone has experienced healing with this? I was very active prior to my injuries, and am interested in full restoration. Thanks so much!

Click on my profile and check my other posts - I have used for knees and rotator cuff among many other things and achieved full mobility. How many hours are you using it and how many days at the usage rate did it take to bring down inflammation?

Thanks so much for your response! Since I have problems with both knees and both shoulders, one day I’ll use the A9 on the medium setting for about 8 hours, and then change batteries for another 8 hours on the same shoulder or knee.

The next day I’d change to the opposite knee or opposite shoulder with coils either side by side, or on the opposite side of the joint.

What I’ve noticed thus far is that the inflammation will go down during use, but a few hours after taking it off, it will ache again.

Would you advise stacking the coils instead of side by side? What level did you have yours on? Medium or High setting?

Thanks again!

For the bad shoulder with rotator cuff injury, I did double stack on the front where the pain was. For the knee, I sandwiched the knee. Remember to stack bumpy to bump and when sandwiching put flat against both sides of body. I used an M1, on power 9 with default protocol which equates pretty much exactly to an A9 Medium.

If there is anyway you can keep the A9 on you 24x7, I think it will accelerate your body’s capacity to get past the inflammation state and start repairing.

To rebuild cartilage, you also need the building blocks–collagen–in addition to the stimulation that PEMF provides. I would drink bone broth, and collagen peptides. Collagen peptides are easily absorbed; bone broth has minerals and other nutrients besides collagen.


As soon as many people apply PEMF the pain disappears: That suggests the problem is a conduction issue. However to repair any damage you’d want to add minerals, vitamins and nutrients. If it’s not repairing that’s when you’d start looking to see why?

Cartilage may not be repairing because you’re busy destroying it as fast as it’s being repaired?

One common problem that causes inflammation throughout the body is asymptomatic gum disease i.e. It doesn’t hurt and you don’t realise anything serious is going on. Try using a water flosser and see if the problem improves? N.B. The mains connected water flossers work better than battery operated ones. The Panasonic ultrasonic flosser is cheap but works well.

You can figure out if something is wrong by testing measures of inflammation e.g. Cytokines testing will pick up inflammation that is missed by other tests.

Another source of potential inflammation is toxins. These are most likely to be minerals, pesticides or fungal toxins. A hair analysis is a simple test which measures around 40 different elements. It will also tell you which elements to boost repair damage. Urinalysis can be used to identify fungal toxins and pesticides.

N.B. Boron is often ignored but may be important when repairing these kinds of injuries? You’ll only notice that it’s missing if you do a mineral analysis.