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Care, Maintenance, and Repair

A discussion related to upkeep and maintenance of your ICES-PEMF system

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Can you use alcohol wipe pads to clean the coils?

Yes, the coils are encapsulated in a very high quality medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer.

I purchased a M1 Model back in 2018 and haven’t used it much but recently my son has had a TBI and we want to add it to his protocol.

The unit does not work it does not detect that the coils are installed correctly and it feels loose when plugging in the device into the coils. The status says “No Coil” when the coils are plugged in.

Do you offer any sort of warranty, repair service or exchange service? @

contact support@micro-pulse.com and they can help you with that

Hi! I’m a new user for micro pulse. I have the a9 device and am excited to use it. I have been using it with the coils being taped with k tape and the battery pack/device in a sweatshirt pocket. I have accidentally dropped the block twice on my floor and it seems fine, but I just want to make sure it will be fine.

I should definitely be more careful with it and not wear it like that ha, but I have no idea how sensitive/careful to be with it. Or if I really harmed the device.


Well, its dangerous for me to tell the truth here because some people will take it as a guarantee or an invitation to try to destroy their Micro-Pulse devices, but I will anyway:

The A9 was designed to be very durable. It was originally designed to endure being banged around by large animals, specifically horses. When properly affixed to a horse, the horse can still break it, but they have to work at it a bit to do so.

If you look around on this forum or on comments on my YouTube videos, you occasionally find comments from people who tell about what they have accidentally done to their model A9. One was a construction worker who drops it on construction sites and steps on it frequently, some people have run them over with their car, and yes, mea culpa, I ran one over with my Kubota tractor, and it still worked fine (but looked exactly how you would expect a piece pf plastic to look after being run over by a tractor).

Yes, you can break them, but they are pretty durable and an occasional drop does not seem to do them much harm functionally. Some people break chips of plastic off, but they keep on running, even if they look kind of beat up.

You are by far most likely to damage or destroy the coils and cables. This is because direct and constant contact with a moving human body is a much more harsh environment over time than an occasional drop or crush accident.

I did my best to design these devices to be durable, but some parts do wear out mechanically (coils and cables). But if you treat the device with reasonable care, it should work for a long time. I still wear my A9 from about 10 years ago, and my M1 has been chugging along since early 2018. I just need to occasionally change to new coils.

One thing to avoid for sure: do not immerse in water.

Obvious and severe abuse will void our warranty, but we can fix most reasonable accidental damage.

I understand your hesitancy with answering this and appreciate the genuine response!

This is really helpful. As someone with a tens unit that I’ve also dropped/broken… I have ptsd that I potentially damaged it.

Also appreciate you designing these to be “life proof” ish haha

@Bob I am planning to have my M1 run continuously (plugged in) at a low level (Omni 8, L5). Is there a suggested limit to how long I can keep it running before turning it off? Or does it turn off automatically after a period of time?

I also have the A9 and could run that one continuously instead with a USB cable hooked up to the 9V battery.

Is one better suited to be used in this way? Or should I not do try to run either device continuously?

Thanks in advance!

Letting it run continuously is OK. It does not have a shut-off timer. I only leave it running when I am using it. Mostly the duration of use will depend on your personal response to ICES-PEMF. For example: I use an M! on my lower back all day, sometimes 16 hours or more, usually on intensity = 9. I have done this every day for many years.

Both devices (M1 or A9) can run continuously. Just try to keep them relatively cool (not wrapped up in a blanket, not sitting on then, etc.)

Thank you, Bob. Appreciate it!

@Bob Hi Bob, could you please post a link or source for the 1800mAh batteries you supply with the M1? I can only find 1400mAh on Amazon. Or do you think that the added capqacity doesn’t really make a lot of difference? Thank you!

They were never 1800 mAh, they were at most 1400 mAh, when tested only about 700 mAh, and anyone advertising above 1000 mAh is definitely stretching the truth IMO. At the time of the design of the M1, and once since, I tested every DLI88 compatible battery for the M1. They were variously labeled claiming energy content in the range of 700 to 1000 mAh, and more recently one was 1400 mAh. But in all cases, I only was able to measure 700 to 800 mAh.

To answer your question, and not surprisingly based on my measurements, all of the batteries lasted for about the same amount of time in the M1, no matter what they printed on the label.

For anyone else who is reading… Please don’t post links to dispute: I have already tested them, and I cannot regulate what they print on their products.

Here is why they tell fibs on their products. People want big performance for small cost and size.

Honestly, who would know? If you are buying apples, they can’t really fib: a dozen is a dozen, you can count them yourself.

But mAh… ever measure battery energy capacity?

or how about Gauss… ever measure a Gauss?

Most people can’t, so they tend to accept whatever is written on the product.

And sales competition is fierce, so unverifiable performance claims always tend to creep up over time.

My personal decision: I tend to use the batteries with the more honest claims, the ones claiming 700-1000 mAh at most.

Thanks for your (as always) very honest and well-researched reply!