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Canker Sores

Has anyone had success using ICES for canker sores? They seem to be cyclical and hormone related for me, though I do notice when my gut is function better, I tend to get them less often. Zinc helps some, but I also don’t want to overdo it and throw other minerals out of balance.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

I have used for cuts and have gotten good results (pain and inflammation greatly reduced)… i suspect ymmv… fortunately, you’ll be able to experiment and see how this will help you!

I haven’t tried ICES PEMF on the corner of my mouth where I get occasional canker sores. I have used L-Lysine 500mg one to three times daily to stop canker sores. One time, I ate too many pecans which are high in L-arginine which helped trigger a canker sore resurgence. L-Lysine countered it. There are many articles on using L-Lysine to help with canker sores if you wanted to search for it.

Not much that is organized or official, but many people have reported to me significant reductions in craniofacial sores, wounds, and even congestion.

Using the C5 with the basic coils on my face has healed up my canker sores in about 3 days. I’m grateful, because they can be so painful. I also think that focusing on my veggie intake has helped significantly too.

excellent. A few people have told me the same thing (informally), but posting it here will be much more helpful for people. thanks.