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Buying advice? Brief case history, spinal cord tumour

Hello all! What a great platform for sharing knowledge with each other.

Last year i underwent surgery for tumour removal in my spinalcord at the first lumbar vertebrae, L1. It was a complete resection of what turned out to be an ependymoma, intradural and extramedullary - inside the dural tube but outside the “cable bundle”.
The regular MRI chechups indicates no regrowth and no metastasis.
In my case my tumor could have been there for many many years and the progression can take eons before symptoms occur, and in other cases not.

I have had almost non progressive symptoms for many years and my biggest objective found is less muscle mass on my left leg + hip/abdominal area, together with power loss. The leg is more prone to tremors, twitches and spasm and general fatigue (neuropathy/radiculopathy?).

This loss of power is probably making my body compensate a lot and this compensation is felt as tension in many places of the body. I am able to walk without a limp but underneath lingers a major biomechanical compromise.

Reading about PEMF made me really curious about how it could be a tool to explore my body and my ability to achieve more vitaity and wellness overall. Stumbling upon an interview with Bob got me here.

To my question to all of you: What kind of device would you recommend I try out?

My idea leans toward the C5 device. Several outlets which lets you experiment on different parts simultaneously, and maybe you can stack them together for a bigger/broader effects? Any addons worth combining with?

Any ideas, thoughts and reflections are welcome :slight_smile:


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We have owned 3 of Bob’s devices for 5 years now. With the C5 we chose to get 4 of the large 2X2 coil arrays. I really like the larger size and we do like to stack them. We also have an A9 and an M1. I did extensive research about them before ordering the first PEMF device, which was the M1. Since we did not have any previous experience with PEMF devices I figured that the M1 would cover both use on the brain and for joint issues… We only had it for 3 days and saw how effective it was and decided to order both the A9 and the C5. Most of the time my husband and I use the C5 for aches and pains. My daughter has had multiple strokes and she uses the M1 on her brain. The C5 is a little cumbersome to use when walking around and that is why the A9 comes in handy. I personally would advise you to go for the C5.


Thank you for such an honest review. I just put an order for a C5 with four of 2x2 coil arrays :slight_smile: