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Buff used for throat/chest application

I have some kind of virus (no, I don’t know what it is, yet), and I have muscle pain at the top of my chest and throat.

I figured out that a Buff can hold the coils. I can either thread the cord between my throat and the Buff (then they can move if there’s enough slack), or fold the material under the coils on the bottom, so they’re held in place. If you do it the latter way, check frequently that they’re not away from the skin.

I had pain on the right side of my throat yesterday, but couldn’t figure out a way to hold the coils then. By now that’s subsided, in part due to red/infrared light application, but the chest pain is deeper, though probably also stems from tired muscles. The Buff would work for me for the side of my throat too, even though the bandages I thought about yesterday didn’t seem appealing (I har visions of half choaking).

A Buff is a scarf that’s circle formed, made of microfiber and often quite tight. The original Brand is Buff, but there are copies found all over by now. How tight they are depends on how worn they are and perhaps brand. The original can be a bit tighter in the beginning. Certainly a new original is tighter than the Ebay copy I am wearing right now.

It can be used multiple ways, not just around your throat. It can be used as a beanie or other ways. So there might be other ways it can be used with coils.