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Broken Ribs

Hi. Has anyone used ices for broken ribs. My father-in-law (80 years old) fell out of bed and broke 2 ribs. There is a huge bruise. I am nervous about the increased blood flow with that huge bruise. I used ices on my daughters jaw after she had her braces put on. We were not sure it helped but it definitely increased blood flow as she had a broken blood vessel on the bridge of her nose which doubled in size after I put the ices on her jaw. Any thoughts?

yes, several people have reported excellent results for broken ribs, and several more (including myself) have had very good results for severely bruised (but not broken) ribs. Generally, you should expect accelerated healing (2x to 3x), with a reduction in pain and swelling very soon (within a day or two).

How to use it:

Briefly, my advice to start is (always):

Intensity level = 9 (keep in mind: rib injuries are superficial compared to deep tissue injuries, so it is easy to penetrate to that depth)

Pulse protocol: Start with Omni-8.

Coils, probably best taped side-by-side, or taped together stacked (bumpy-side-to-bumpy-side), and placed directly over the center of the injury

Use for as long as possible (but at least 6 hours), every day, or at night, or both.

Consider trying different coil placement strategies every few days to see what works best for the individual and their unique injury.

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