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Broken Finger, Surgery, Older Child

13.5 year old broke a finger, will be getting surgery to get a pin/rod inserted in a few days.

  1. Will ICES (A9) aide in recovery. I.e. Quicker recovery, better grafting to rod, etc.

  2. More importantly is 13.5 too young to use ICES?

Our family has used ICES on younger children than yours and it has worked very well without any issues. Their bodies respond much faster to it, too. Based on other posts with regards to implants, yes, that seems to be the consensus - quicker recovery / better grafting.

this has also been my experience (similar benefits that @TajD described) using ices pemf on my kids… my kids ailments resolved faster than if they had not used pemf. the sooner you apply this from time of injury, the sooner the symptoms of pain and inflammation do resolve… even more so with kids than with adults

Thank you @TajD and @OptimalHealth.