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Brain Training causes upset colon (M1)

Hi there,

so I have a very sensitive gut, with underlying IBS and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Being on a no starch diet for my AS, also means I have dysbiosis, and my colon is very sensitive. I also have a pretty severe case of genetic predisposition for brain inflammations, including an APOE4 gene, which when combined with AS makes for a terrible combo. Luckily, I am in remission with my diet most of the time.

I want to use the device on my brain, to help with inflammation, but I find that with event the slowest Theta pulse rate, at level 6, with a coil at the front and back of my head, for event just 5 minutes, causes irritation to my colon and swelling. Higher pulse rates amplifies this effect.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am fascinated by how brain training can have such a great effect on the colon…

(Starting 100% oxygen therapy next week - I have high hopes. Also waiting for some NA Helminths to kick in, in a few months. But that’s not relevant to any of the above, of course.)

That is a very interesting brain-gut connection. I wish I could help with this, sorry.

@TajD may have some input on this…

you may want to try power level at 3 or lower to see what you can tolerate and over time slowly build it up.

as for oxygen therapy… if you can look into ewot (Google it) that might be much better than hbot as it works well and aligned with how the body takes in oxygen ideally.

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I agree with @OptimalHealth , starting at very low intensity may allow you to build stronger tolerance.

@Snowfox, sorry to hear of the challenges you have on the colon and brain inflammation. I am no stranger to this with our family. Absolutely similar experience - brain and gut are connected via the vagus nerve and ICES PEMF will help shift things in a more positive direction, but if phase 1 and phase 2 liver detox aren’t operating well such as issues with sulfation in our case, then even 2 minutes of ICES PEMF on either can be too much. I agree with @OptimalHealth and would recommend going to power level 3 and also I recommend starting with 1 minute. I would give it a couple days to assess response. I also recommend checking out all my other posts on ICES PEMF on gut (also dealing with IBS for one family member) and brain - you’ll see I have shared our journey these past several years. ICES PEMF has been incredibly empowering but learning how to go super slowly with one in our family has been critical.

Are you taking turmeric to help lower inflammation and butyrate as a postbiotic to help the healthy bacteria grow in your gut?

Have you done a GI Map with Zonulin type test or similar to understand the level of dysbiosis you have?

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