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Before the forum, one person send us this detailed information and asked us to share it with others. To honor his request, I have posted his comments in without modification.

To Bob and Mengnan,

I confirm that previously I was suffering from mild prostate enlargement (BPH)
and prostatitis, which occasionally made urination very difficult, or hesitant,
or weak, or intermittent, or incomplete resulting in urinary retention.
I was able to restore normal urination using the ICES device.
The coils were stacked and placed in the center of the hole in a
“doughnut” cushion on a chair, or stacked and placed directly over the pubic area,

The pulse rate of the ICES was set to 4 PPS.

The field strength setting on the ICES was “12”, and most days the treatment time was
1 hour. The total treatment time was 2 weeks, and the good results are still

I admit that during the first week, I also took the prostate health supplement
“Zyflamend” twice per day. “Zylflamend”, a blend of several Chinese
herbal ingredients, also combats inflammation, and I think the effect
with the ICES was synergistic. In the second week I did not feel the need to
take “Zyflamend” since the results continued to improve with the ICES alone.
However, quicker results might be obtained using the two together, or using the
ICES with any other prostate supplement which matches each person’s particular
prostate disease pattern.

Thank you both warmly for your life-saving technology.

Gratefully yours,


Thank you for sharing this. I tried this and indeed it appears to help signficantly.

Omni 8 Rest 5 Power 9 on the perineum for multiple hours for several days helped to allow me to fully empty the bladder.

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excellent, thanks for the feedback!

My pleasure. Thank you for creating this forum and for your continued research and development.

Anecdotally, a relative purchased the unit at my recommendation and used it for a week before a regularly scheduled prostate doc visit. The prostate doctor told him that for the first time that my relative emptied his bladder fully (as assessed by an exam) and the doc remarked this was better that his own exam results!

He was quite pleased.

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Quick update to my earlier post: in addition to using ICES PEMF for prostate health, I have found Pectasol-C (modified citrius pectin) very helpful at reducing prostate and bladder inflammation.

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