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Blood ozonation and PEMF

I often do blood ozonation. Draw 300ml of blood from the arm, ozonate it, then re-infuse back into the arm. During infusion UV light irradiates the blood.
My question is whether using PEMF on the blood as it is being infused would have any therapeutic benefit.

Thank you

That is an excellent question. I don’t know of any data specific to that effect, but I suspect that PEMF would have anti-inflammatory effects on blood which are circulated to the body after exposure. I have been wondering about this for several years, but I do not know a clever way to test it unfortunately. But I definitely think it is a possibility worth considering.


We did our first round of MAH IV Ozone last week and will do another in a couple weeks. That’s a good idea - I bet a couple minutes of coils on the IV bag would help. However, I don’t think I can observe the effect - I am anticipating a reduced die off response with the second round of IV Ozone, so I just can’t “control” the experiment and since our goal is improved health, any feedback would solely be anecdotal.

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I absoluty love Ozone therapy. I’ve done MAH 6 or so times. What is the total dose they give you? Are they also doing UBI? Ultraviolet Blood Infusion. My next session will be H-Dose. 70k mcg and if blood is drawn twice then 140k. I am dying to try EBOO or EBO2. Uses a dialysis filter, to flood a greater surface area of blood with Ozone/Oxygen. Not actually used to filter out anything. Blood is drawn from one arm and infused into the other arm. A constant loop.

I plan to build my own UV light box as they charge 6 Grand for a simple box with 2-12" UVC tubes, 1 UVA tube, 1 UVB tube, and a strip of full spectrum LED lights.
I plan to add IR and the M1 ICES device. Putting the coils at the bag would work. However, what I am thinking is to integrate it into the light box and loop the tube carrying the blood. Any thoughts on that?
Thank you for your comments

You may be right.
Actually putting the coils on the IV bag would certainly be more effective. It takes, if I recall correctly, like 10 minutes for the blood to be drawn into the bag, mixed with ozone for 4 minutes, then another 10 minutes to infuse. All this while blood is under the influence of the magnetic field… not sure the length of time as I’m usually on my phone and not laying attention…

Having the coils integrated into the light box just makes for a compact integrated unit without having to run wires… hmmm. Something to think about.

EBO2 looks very good to me as well but I think it will take time for us to work up to it. The primary driver for IV Ozone and possibly EBO2 for our family is the mold poisoning. We have remediated the mold source and have clean air now, but aspergillus mold poisoning really did a number on us.

In our case, they take the blood out and put it in the bag (2 minutes), then put the ozone in the bag and mix it up (2 minutes). I will need to ask them for a couple minutes ( likely enough IMO based on my experience with structuring water using the coils) before the IV drip line is opened up.

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