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Blog-Article about ICES and M1

Hello all,

in 2019 I ordered an ICES M1 but did not really use it until recently. Now I’m convinced about its capabilities and finalized a blog-article about the ICES technology, the M1 and lots of bits & pieces taken from the Forum, the scientific publications of R.G Dennis and his tutorial videos.

Click this for the Google translated article in English

Click this for the original in German (Deutsch)

The article covers everything: Basics, programs, coil configurations, studies and the explanation why the ICES is different to other PEMF-products: Due to a high change-rates of the magnetic flux density up to 170 T/s (Tesla/second) with a lower-end magnetic flux (µT). Thus the high efficiency and battery operation time.


P.S.: My better part :woman_white_haired: uses the M1 right now and “poof” the pain-point at the back is gone. Its always amazing. :sunglasses:


nice blog and article… so happy to read about another successful “experiment” in using ices pemf to improve quality of life!

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