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Bladder repair

I am seeking some practical or theoretical input that involves using the ICES-9 application device in order to revive my bladder, Historically I have had a catheter for 6 months due to an enlarged prostate. on June 9,2020 I had a green laser operation to allow the urethra to void the bladder. I had the same operation i2013 which in some men only find the urethra stays open for 5-7 years & then its repeat time. Scoping the bladder shows it has thin & is somewhat collapsed due to the lengthy catheter placement . I had used the A-9 since Jan. 2020 on the perineum every night for 7 hours for the purpose of shrinking the prostate & fighting the cancer therein. Removal of the catheter before the operation did not provide for self urination hence the June 9,2020 operation & an unsuccessful catheter removal .While the surgeon stated the urethra portion of the reopening went very well he has doubts about the ability of the bladder to perform. He wants me to have another removal which time has past & I refuse to do this if there is a chance to revive the bladder. I am convinced it can thru the A-9 as I have experienced my neck injury being substantially repaired & my son’s deuteration of hip cartilage is also substantially repaired. I have started placement of the rings joined as one placed on the abdomen & lined up opposite the bladder. Would appreciate if any other frequency is possible or on complementary energy meridians may prove worthy of exploration . Thanks for return thoughts.

Edward, sorry to hear of your condition. I don’t have anything to add regarding the A-9, except to encourage you to continue as you are. But I would say don’t ignore the basics. The bladder is a muscle. Make sure you are getting enough quality protein, at least 0.54 grams per pound of ideal body weight. This amount is from the research on sarcopenia and also from the book, The Longevity Solution by James DiNicolantonio and Jason Fung.

Whenever I need something to heal, I take 2000 mg vitamin C, and it makes a difference every time.

For basic health including repairing and maintaining your organs, you probably know about avoiding refined carbs, but do you know about avoiding seed oils? Read Dr. Shanahan’s article on the hateful eight, the bad fats that promote inflammation. These are the oils that the government and medical organizations recommend, but the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are not based on good science.

Get omega-3 oils. Fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies, and herring are high in omega-3. You can take supplements, but you need really good quality capsules because omega-3 oils are highly unstable and can easily be damaged by processing. Fresh fish is the best source. Plant sources are chia seeds and flax seeds, but flax needs to be freshly ground. Don’t buy the pre-ground flax because the oils will be exposed to the air and become toxic.

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Thank you for your story. I’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. Sometimes I have prostate issues and then I take Dr. Schulze prostate formula. But I too get discouraged that my M1 isn’t “fixing” the problem as quickly as I’d like. You’ve reminded me to be patient and continue applying it.

Additionally I find it frustrating that once I found it worked for “this” then I wanted to use it on “that” but I only have one device. I’m excited to have an ICES and be able to use it daily. It does take time to heal and I often need to be reminded of that. Thank you.