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Hi: I am new here. I have tried various modalities to improve my health. I have had some nerve damage/ scar tissue on my lower lip and chin due to a maxiofacial jaw surgery. Can this help? ive previously tried multiwave oscillator made in the netherlands w a bipolar tesla coil- ( no idea what this is) seemed to help a bit. I also have recurring liver issues- I go to bioresonance to check the energetic level of my liver and its always low- i have to do a series of treatments to bring my liver up to normal function( energetically) only to come back 6 months later and my liver is the same. Could it be scar tissue? toxins? also can this device help w scar tissue in general? ive had liposuction and very constipated could this help with that as well? thanks

marlen, hoping you find help via pemf for your issues. Unrelated re liver, I understand that Dr Marisol, ND, BA advocates the use of a castor oil pack (her products online) for liver support and health. I learned of her remedies via an online health docu-series and was impressed, I seeking natural remedies. Info via drmarisol.com and/or communications with staff at care@drmarisol.com . Best to you :slight_smile: