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Batterys compatable in australia

Are the rechargeable batterys and charger compatable in australia

I suggest you buy your batteries locally if outside of the USA. But once you get locally compatible chargers, 9V batteries are pretty much interchangeable world-wide, and for the M1, you just need to buy camcorder batteries that are DLI88 compatible.

What is a locally compatable charger for the A9 pemf in Australia

the A9 uses 9 volt transistor batteries.

9 Volt transistor batteries are standard around the world.

You can purchase rechargeable 9V batteries.

We recommend Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) rechargeable batteries.
(NOTE: DO NOT BUY Lithium non-rechargeable batteries)

We recommend that you use the new USB rechargeable 9 Volt batteries, available widely on-line:

hmmm… I’ve been using these: hixon rechargeable batteries and have been happy with them… 850mAh … but they are lithium ion batteries. :thinking: is that a problem/what’s the difference in results?

if they work, that’s fine. Its just important to pair rechargeable batteries with the appropriate charger, so the simplest thing nowadays is to just use USB rechargeable batteries. They are pretty much simple and fool proof.

Hi Bob I received your wonderful A9 pemf today bought 9volt usb rechargeable battery can I plug battery into any charger or does it have to be specific sort of charger.This is my confusion I think your saying any USB charger is fine but just need clarification many thanks

If it is a USB rechargeable battery, with a place to plug in a micro-USB cable, then you can charge it from almost any USB port. I would not recharge it from a Laptop USB, but use any other USB (Type-A, standard shape for thumb drives). If in doubt, contact the manufacturer or reseller.

Yes it is definateley usb rechargable batterie so Im safe to use A1 standard usb charger great .when not using machine should I take batterie out or is it ok to leave in thanks.It would be less drama for people in Australia if you could provide
the batteries and charger for your ices machines but if the A1 standard usb charger is safe to use thats great thanks again Bob

It is fine to leave the 9V battery in the device when it is not in use.

It would be catastrophic drama if we tried to ship lithium batteries to Australia. The transport regulations and limitations on shipping lithium batteries with devices like ours are extreme (I would use a stronger word, but I do not know of one in the English language)

Anyone who wants to correct me,k or debate this, I refer you to the US TSA and the convoluted regulations for international shipping from the USA. If you can read all of it and understand any of it, let me know. We actually met with the US Post Office to have them help us try to untangle it, and they eventually decided that they could not help. They could not decipher the regulations as they relate to out products.

At the very least, we would need to triple the price of our products, just to deal with the red tape, etc.

Therefore, we think it is entirely reasonable for us to ask people to find batteries in the country where they reside.

Oh that explains it.They want to make life as hard as possible for anyone trying to do good… Hopefully this corrupt system world wide will be bought down somehow someway.Blessings for this little beauty.Its brilliant after 5 hrs I was bending over no lower back pain .I’m still in shock luv it


I am very happy to know our device is helping you.