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Battery Life on A-9

I have an A-9 portable device and it seems like the battery is powerful for about 3 hrs and then slowly loses strength. After 4 or 5 hours, I can barely hear the pulse and the cadence seems substantially slowed.
My question is whether the treatment is equally effective when running on a less than full or even, close to dying battery. I realize that the battery will die quicker on the highest setting, but I am wondering if even when it has drained substantially, if I am still getting a good PEMF treatment, perhaps just not as high intensity. I hate to throw away batteries that still have some power left, but I am afraid that I am wasting my treatment time.

Jill, you don’t need to worry about throwing away batteries so frequently if you get rechargeable 9-volt batteries. I’ve been using the A-9 since before the M1 came out, and I use it every day. The only issue with rechargeable batteries is that some brands don’t fit the A-9. The brand I use is Maximal Power, which was recommended by Bob at the time I bought the A-9. It has been working fine for years.

Thank you for this tip! I am using up a large box of 9-volt batteries I bought. I will consider buying rechargeable you suggest, but I use disposables for long trips in the car when recharging is not the most convenient option.
I am left wondering, (no matter what type of battery is used,) if when the battery is low/ near-dead, and the pulse, weak, if the efficacy of the treatment is reduced?

Use your Tester. If your Tester shows your A9 is working then you are getting benefit from it. I recall Bob saying that a higher power setting doesn’t necessarily mean it is more effective than a lower setting. It is not the intensity of the wave but the shape of the wave that is critical. A lower setting is sometimes more effective than a higher setting.

On the other hand, I also recall Bob saying it is good practice to swap batteries frequently–on the M1, after every hour or two. I believe the 9-volt batteries used in the A9 hold a charge longer than the smaller camcorder batteries used in the M1, which would be consistent with your observation that power is maintained for 3 hours on the A9, then falls off.

I would say it is good practice to swap batteries on the A9 after 3 hours or less, but you would still be getting benefit after that if the Tester confirms the A9 is still working.

you can get an 850mAh 9v rechargeable battery…i have been getting good long life on those at max output (X setting)

but to answer your question, yes, the pulse output does drop in power as the battery fades.

I have these 850mah batteries and charger and they work great, i get a full day on High, unlike alot of mAh specs on other brands i think these are close to accurate…https://www.amazon.com/Hixon-Rechargeable-Multimeter-Microphone-Protection/dp/B07ZJCHXZB/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=hixon&qid=1601406557&sr=8-5

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Thanks for this advice. I can hear the clicking of the pulse after 6 hours even, but it is very faint. I hope it still is doing the trick just as well as when pulsing loud and rapid.

yes those are the ones I have :+1:t4:

In case you don’t like doing business with Jeff…These are made/same as Hixon. They’re working well. Kratax.