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Battery case (M1) - alternatives

I got two batteries with the M1, and they had tiny plastic cases. But I already bought some, because I didn’t expect to get any with the M1, and those don’t have cases.

Do you have any suggestions for very functional protection for them apart from finding the right kind of case?

Also, you added some sticker to the batteries to help pull them out of the M1. I should probably add something similar to mine. What do you recommend? I have some washi tape on now, but that’s not going to hold.

Hmmm, duct tape wallets for the batteries? Maybe that would work? Duct tape is probably too thick for the pull out. I keep my batteries in a plastic caddy with two cubbies, marked «Fully charged» and «Used».

I use brother labels, they look like white tape but are very nice, strong, and permanent.
Clear packing tape for cardboard boxes, cut into a 1/2" wide strip works well
I have even used just clear magic tape (Scotch), which works well but will tend to break every few months, so you need to replace it from time to time.