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Audio splitter

What is the purpose of the audio splitter Solomon the micropulse website? Does it have any applications with the m1? Thanks.

The audio splitter is for use only with the model A9. It is for using two sets of coils on one output, but once again:


You can (against my advice, as others have) try using it on an M1, but you will likely damage or destroy it, so I very strongly suggest you not try that.


And only for the A9b correct?

correct, best to use the A9b

Yikes… good thing you mentioned that. I was ready to use it on the c5 device once i got that. :open_mouth:

If i have the c5 with 4 ports, i can only use 1 set for each port? but the 2x2 array coil doesn’t damage it? hmm… i may have to reconsider what accessories to purchase so i can use for both a9 and c5 interchangeably… looks like 2x2 is the only one compatible with both w/o potentially damaging the c5…

I generally avoid using audio splitters:

You do not get more power, you might get more area, but that may result in less volume total (much less field depth), and you lose energy at each electrical connection, and each electrical connection is one more source for potential failure, and one more source for partial pull-out of the plug, which can lead to short circuit at the connector and subsequent system damage,

Generally I advise:
-Use only the accessories we provide
-Don’t use a coil splitter
-2x2 coil arrays work best with A9 or C5, not as well with M1 due to its battery limitations

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so just to be clear, using a splitter will not damage any of the devices. it will only weaken the end result of the magnetic pulse, correct? I’m assuming that the power output from the device is the same regardless of the number of coils we put on the other side.

instead of setting the power level lower of the device, we can effectively do so when we split the coils with an audio splitter, correct?

i was thinking of using a 2x2 for one area and the standard 2 coils split from the same port to another area on highest setting bc i wanted to get more are. i am assuming this would be equivalent to the lightest power setting if i only used 2 coils vs with splitter.

risk of damage to device is the same regardless of cables split/coils used on the other side, correct?

Incorrect: using a splitter may damage the device. This can happen if the splitter causes a short circuit load on the output. This can be the result of:
1- A splitter that does not fit properly
2- A splitter with an internal short circuit (this has happened several times)
3- A splitter that is not inserted properly.

The above is possible. The following is definite:

By using a splitter, even if everything is working perfectly, it doubles the electrical load on the output. This causes extra heat and stress on the internal circuitry.

It is sort of like taking a perfectly good car (or anything else for that matter) and subjecting it to stresses beyond its design limits. It will simply wear out faster, performance will be degraded, etc.

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