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Arthritis Pain

3 to 4 days of overnight use with the M1 nearly takes away all of the pain in my shoulders elbows and hands.


Can you describe a little about how you use the M1
Which protocol?
What intensity level?
Where do you place the coils, and how do you hold them in place?

Those kinds of details would probably help a lot of people. Thanks.

I set the M1 on Omni 8 intensity level of 10. I hold it in place with vet wrap purchased on amazon. For my shoulders I wear a tight fitting stretchy shirt to hold the coils in place. I place 1 coil on each side of the area I am treating.

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Can I place the Ices coils on my upper neck? I was concerned abiut any deleterious effects.

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I have placed mine on every part of my neck. I have used TMS 10pps and Omni 8 intensity 10. I have always had positive results. Nothing negative for me.

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James, I can say the same thing Rose did.

I use it on my neck often. I find it fabulous as a vagal nerve stimulator and have used it on the back of my neck and brain stem.

Do you have special health concerns with your neck?

When I was young, I had so many neck problems and would pinch my nerves in my neck often and used to have to go to a chiropractor for it, so I understand why you would be concerned if you have something like that.

When I used to go to the chiropractor and doctor, I used to get put on Valium and an anti-inflammatory med and the chiropractor would use things like heat and other things. To me, this fits with the type of care I got back then because this is anti-inflammatory and it is soothing and causes me to relax my muscles.

I have not heard any reports of deleterious effects when used there.

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@ bettereveryday

Which coil positions do you find are best for vagus nerve stimulation?

I have played with a few areas, but, in the end, I find it easier to just use the spots they put the electrodes when they do medical vagal nerve stimulation.

There are a lot of potential uses of stimulating the vagal nerve and it appears to really work, but it doesn’t work in everybody and they don’t know why yet.

In epilepsy, for instance, 50% of the people have their seizures drop by 50%.

For the people it works for, that is fabulous. They just don’t know why it doesn’t work for the other 50%.

That is implanted vagal nerve stimulators. The ICES might be more powerful.

I say it because where you put it depends on what you are stimulating the vagal nerve for. For things like brain plasticity or epilepsy or depression, they do the side of the neck. For things like obesity, they follow the nerve down toward the gut.

I am trying to find a simple picture, but it is easier for you to Google image it than it is for me to find a good picture to copy and paste.

I will paste this one, but there are images from more than one angle.



The simpler answer is the neck mostly. Other areas, depending on what I am trying to accomplish.

@bettereveryday, thanks, that’s very helpful. :smiley:

I place the coils on the left side of my neck just behind the ear.

For my clients, I place a coil on the left side of the neck, just about where you can feel your pulse.

Or Rose’s position of just behind the ear can work if you can get it to stay put :-).

I’m curious what level of stimulation everyone is using and whether / for what you have felt results?

Dr. Karen,

When I am close to the ears, I use very low power. My hearing is sensitive to the clicking sound.

I found that I can use the deep coils and use a power level of 1 or 2 and I don’t feel like the power being that low decreases anything. In fact, I am more likely to leave it on if it isn’t bothering my hearing.

I find that wide enough headbands really can help with keeping coils in place. Walmart had a sale with a soft, double-wide headband for 78 cents a few months ago and I bought 4 or 5 of them. Dollar stores sometimes have them, but you can get them anywhere.

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Thanks @bettereveryday. I use a skiing headband for higher places on my own head and the self-sticky stuff for clients’ necks, but it feels like the behind-the-ear placement is trickier. I’ll have to experiment with my headband there-- although I kind of like the neck placement as easiest.

Deep coils – interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of this. I’ll give it a try!

I use the TMS protocol 10pps for vagus nerve.


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