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Arthritic Fingers

I’ve had arthritic fingers for about twenty or twenty-five years now, never serious because my Intensive tai chi qigong training would keep it at bay. Then several years ago when I moved to a more humid climate, it worsened so that my fingers became inflamed in the morning when I’d wake up and then quickly disappear after a few minutes of activity. I tried laying my hand on the coils with the bumpy sides out for about an hour, but no noticeable difference. Intensity 6, 10, again, no noticeable difference. Any suggestions regarding protocol— I’ve been trying the Omni 8 on the M1, if anyone has suffered arthritis in the fingers could let me know what you’ve tried that worked for you? Thanks.

Try using it for 8 hours minimum per day (if not 16 or 24 hours) for three weeks. 1 hour here and there won’t be enough for ICES PEMF to work.

I hadn’t thought of using it for that long, since I was told to build up from ½ hour for my neuropathic pain once a day.

Any particular intensity and/or protocol?

I’ve been trying different intensities – for my digestion, spleen and depression, I have found intensity of 4 worked well, but for my knee pain, but read online that for bone, they should be higher intensities. 12 worked really well for my knee pain.

I would start with intensity 9 or 10. If you tolerate ICES-PEMF well, then you could try sleeping with stacked coils between your hands/fingers. I would use it for as long as you can while you sleep. You might try the Alpha Wave pattern to begin with.

Thank you. Yes, I can try it for that intensity and see how it goes. I have fallen asleep with the PEMF for a few hours before, and aside from feeling a little dehydrated, I didn’t have a problem. Thanks again.

I have an A9 and use it overnight on high for my hands after a day of yard work or other “handiwork”. I tried gloves to keep it in place but they felt too constrictive so I cut off the toe of an old sock, added a thumb hole and slip it over the coils. Sometimes I also tape the coils if I am not going to be sleeping or sitting still. I place one on my palm and the other on the back of my hand. Since I only have one set of coils and one device I treat my less painful left hand for a few hours during TV time before sleeping and my right overnight. Both my partner and I (2 gals in our early 60s who are remodeling an old house on our own) have noticed a significant decrease in pain and stiffness with this protocol.

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That is excellent, thanks. I do a lot of work with my hands (building a house, working in my machine shop, etc.), so my old hands get sore all the time. Impact tools and high-vibration tools like demolition saws, impact drivers, and angle grinders really put the hurt on my hands.

My personal variation on your strategy is to take advantage of the fact that the magnetic fields emanate from both sides of the coils. So, it I put the coils between my hands, sort of like a sandwich. That way I can treat both hands at the same time. I do this during TV time almost every night, then if one hand is really bad, I do the same thing while I sleep that you suggested with a sock, glove, or a compression sleeve like this one from amazon:

I don’t get it, I thought the coils with the bumpy sides have to face out in order for the magnetic field to work on the hand?

So I could actually treat both hands at the same time for putting the coils by cupping the coils (between the hands)? Which way would the bumpy sides be facing?

So I sewed myself a band with some stretchy material so I could slip the coils with the bumpy sides facing out, then my hand is sandwiched between the two coils, and everything held in place with the stretchy band. It works well so I can sleep at night. So far, no noticeable improvement and I’m wondering if it’s because I don’t use it long enough overnight(?) as I don’t sleep more than 6 hours at a stretch.

@Bob recommends bumpy side away from skin as a general rule because it is easy for folks to accidentally put bumpy against flat largely cancelling out the magnetic fields. You could stacked same side out, or put both bumpy against the skin in a side by side configuration or flat and flat side by side against he skin. The magnetic fields emanate from both sides as he noted.

My thought would be to maybe try it also on one hand during the day when you are not working with it as much to get more hours in per day? Also, it could take a couple weeks or more to notice an effect.

Oh… okay, now I understand. Well if it’s only a couple of weeks, that’s not long at all – I put up with this arthritis for many years, anything less than a few months would be more than anyone could ask for! Thanks for the suggestion.

@TajD is correct about the bumpy sides on coils. That is for simplicity, but you can do more when you understand the actual dynamic changes of the magnetic fields. Similar to a car; you can just simply drive it using basic instructions, or you can spend many weekends tuning it for racing.

Arthritis is difficult, it takes a very long time to happen in the first place, and it takes a very long time to reverse it with PEMF. You should be thinking daily for months or more.

Thank you for the information. Yes, I’ve had the arthritis for many years and fortunately managed to minimize it as much as possible, so the inflammation is mild and stays with me only for the first half hour or so in the mornings, particularly cold or rainy days. If it’s taken so many years to build up, I would expect it would take some time to reverse, and however long it takes, I consider it a bonus to see any improvement. :wink:

The best sign that PEMF is helping is when you start to get the sense that at least things are not getting worse any more. Then the benefits can just plateau for a long while. These are good signs in my experience that things will eventually start to get better and better (usually).

Arthritis has never been a serious problem for me and in the past several years, it hasn’t gotten better or worse, so it would be hard to tell until I see changes. But as I said I’ve had it for so so long, I’m okay in playing the waiting game. Besides, the M1 has given me so many other more immediate benefits. I know you want us to post on the forum, just not sure where to post — should I post my experiences under different categories you have listed or continue this line? Thanks ever so much for making this available to the public. It’s really a game changer for me, and I’m sure for everyone else who has purchased from you!

you can always start a new discussion, or do a keyword search on your topic, then post it in the relevant discussion. Its up to you.

okay, will do. Thanks again. :+1:

Sorry to be late to the discussion. I have an autoimmune arthritis and my hands are definitely one of my challenging bits.

I use the 4x4 coils with a C5 and I used to put them in oven mitts while I slept. I got anxious not being able to use my hands at night, easily get to the washroom, etc., so this let me slip my hands in and out easily. The 4x4 let me target fingers and wrists together and it did make a difference.

I had to play around a bit to get the best frequency. I tried omni-8, alpha, and 10hz, with the “best” seeming to shift over time. For me, a lower intensity was better - 3ish.

But it sounds like you’re on your way! :slight_smile: