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Are antioxidants generated from pemf like they claim the earth does for those who ground?

I’ve been reading up and experimenting a bit with earthing, and one of the notable claims is how it can help reduce pain and inflammation. i haven’t had the opportunity to directly witness that result like i have been able to with pemf.

the common assertion (assumption? :thinking:) is often made that people are getting antioxidants directly from the earth when grounding thru negative electrons that the earth has in such abundance.

i wondered if the reduction in pain and inflammation was the effect of an antioxidant effect, but being so oblivious to the details of health, our bodies, and the physics of it all, I’m not certain.

I’ve never read here anything about pemf providing negative electrons like “the earthing people” claims the earth does for us.

i came across this study that suggests it’s the earth that our bodies use the negative electrons as antioxidants to help resolve excessive ROS that damages our body:

@Bob isn’t it a leap to conclude that people can get their antioxidants (antioxidant effect) directly from earthing? to me it seems like that’s like saying pemf provides antioxidants to the body… it’s not clear to me for earthing or pemf therapy if the reduction of pain and inflammation is due to the antioxidant effect, receiving negative electrons from the earth/pemf.

that said, there’s a lot of anecdotes from many users confirming the benefits of earthing… my sleep is still a work in progress, but I’ve noticed a few benefits in energy and quality of sleep. for one consistent factor, I’m definitely dreaming now compared to nothing before earthing. :upside_down_face:

i know you mentioned that you think pemf signals the body to respond a certain way, so I’m guessing by that statement, the source of any antioxidants produced is from the body and not pemf

I’m just wondering if you agree that that is a leap to a conclusion when there is no study confirming where these negative electrons (antioxidative effect) are really coming from. just seems like a very broad stroke when stating this…

I’m curious to hear too. I think I’ve heard Bob say that ICES at least accelerates cellular detoxification via the ions in and out of the cell membrane. But I’d too be curious whether ICES is/could be contributing negative electrons as well.

ICES-PEMF is charge-flow-balanced, so it is not delivering or removing electrons. It is more like it oscillates them back and forth without net movement one way or the other. But my thinking is that this ion movement or oscillation provides a signal that cells respond to, which changes the way they behave, what genes they express, and that has effects related to processes that we interpret on the far end as being pro- or anti- something or another, including inflammation, oxidation, etc.

Briefly, I do not think ICES-PEMF forces anything, such as charging or pumping. I think it is sending a signal that cells interpret, then the cells take actions that result in charging, pumping, etc.

reductio ad absurdum:

1- Does a STOP sign stop a car?
2- Does it send a signal that is interpreted by the driver to mean that their state of motion must change to a state of non-motion, then the driver uses this signal, combines and processes it with other signals and previous states, then takes action that may or may not involve changes to the state of the motion of the car?

Well, if you can’t see the inherent limits of external coercion on controlled systems yet, now consider this:

Is the stop sign is really forcing the issue? If so, then that means the car must STOP. Then what… The sign never turns green to say GO. So, cars just pile up, all stopped as commanded, forever.

When you assert control by force of a life process, then you take on the responsibility to control and regulate it with this or other external forces. The typical outcome is death. Living systems are internally controlled and regulated, and when this is no longer possible, neither is life.

The core belief of allopathic medicine is that you just coerce life process by applying external force in a manner similar to #1. Command = STOP. Over-express this gene. Force this or that chemical reaction to occur, and so forth.

My thinking is more aligned with #2: You make sure the car is well maintained, the driving conditions are reasonable, then you send a signal to suggest the desired outcome, and let the driver of the car (cellular control mechanisms) do the rest.


EXCELLENT analogy! thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.