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Anyone heard of AMPcoil?

What does everyone think of AMPcoil http://www.ampcoil.com?

Anyone try it? The claims are pretty amazing.

I just hope they’ve invested as much in R&D as they did on marketing

Thumbs down from me. Sounds like (very) well packaged marketing gibberish.

You can’t even easily see how much it costs, so it sounds like it’ll cost a whole lot.

However, as it has been pointed out by Dr. Dennis, even a low quality PEMF device can be helpful as long as they get some of the basics right.


I have heard of it, but it used to cost something like $8000, plus interest if you do payment plans.

Too rich for my budget.

Dr. Pawluck might have a review of it, though I am not sure.

They are marketed, that is for sure. That doesn’t mean that they are bad. Just that they may not be as good as they say.

The biofeedback is the part, which is missing from the ICES, but you could use alpha, gamma, delta, theta binaural beats for free on YouTube or buy The Muse brain sensing headband for $300 or Mindplace or Laxman light and sound device for $500.

It is hard for me to add things together and get up to $8000.

I use YouTube all the time for free and find that I can do anything, even pulsed gamma light and sound for Alzheimer’s is on there for free.

I looked into it yesterday and listened to interview. The pemf combo is high power 300 watt amp, but low 10 milligauss field, sine wave, with rife type frequency added, based on biofeedback voice analysis. Founders claim to have been healed of lyme disease with it. Marketing is the norm nowadays…interesting image of couple holding coil between them to enhance love.

Rife is an interesting topic in itself. I had kind of forgotten about that!

Pretty sure any PEMF can enhance love. Laughing. The ICES is already plenty stimulating for that.

Rife is an interesting topic. That is true.

Seems to me though that by the time I finished researching it, people were getting rid of one type of virus and that was opening the door to something bigger.

For cancer and for getting rid of the bacteria, viruses and fungi, I ended up liking water fasting and no oil whole food plant based

Or water fasting, followed by keto with intermittent fasting, plus hyperbaric oxygen and if you can find something to inhibit glutamate, that would be ideal.

Or Mimicking fasting for at least 5 days.

Seems better to get a brand new immune system with the autophagy / cannibalizing the bad mitochondria process.

Lots of people get healed of LOTS of things JUST using diet.

(Dr. Longo, Dr. Goldhamer, Dr. Seyfried, Dr. Fung, Dr. Berg, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Greger, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Mercola)

One of the people who was big into rife ended up dying with radical cancer by the end. When I was looking at it, one tumor would dissolve with it and another tumor suddenly showed unrestrained growth.

I look at people like Dr. Ornish and his patients needing heart transplants suddenly get off the list. Same thing with kidney transplant patients. Cancer and heart disease and DNA damage reverses itself. MS goes into remission and he is about to do the vegan version of healing Alzheimer’s and he said that he had positive outcomes, but isn’t allowed to speak about specifics yet.

Dr. Seyfried would be from the Keto end.

Dr. Goldhamer would be from just doing water fasting.

Dr. Longo would be if you went medical model and wanted chemo to not be toxic to your body.

Lots of new things with immunotherapy, too.

I am not against Rife, but you have to hit the right frequency and too many of them got rid of one tumor and died of another.

I would rather control IGF-1 or Methionine or Glutamate and glucose or all of the above.

Tumor treating fields interests me more than Rife and I am not sure whether you can really create one with the M-1 or not. I think so. I watched a Tumor Treating Fields TED Talk and they were talking about Faraday’s Law and watched Bob on YouTube talking about the ICES and he was talking about Faraday’s law and some of us are not from a science background and are pretty simplistic in our understanding, but I am pretty sure it is the same mechanism and I tried it on my dog when he got cancer.

Water fasting got the glory because even after months of everything else, he wasn’t improving at a very fast rate. Two weeks of water fasting and my dog went back to being his old self and still is.

I wasted so much money on so many things and water fasting for free got rid of all of his infections and seems to have gotten rid of his cancer. The vet felt very threatened by that and still doesn’t want me to get him re-scanned, but my dog was supposed to die within 2 weeks and he is more than alive and well. He is playful and happy.


My sarcastic sense of humor about how powerful the ampcoil is would get the better of me trying to imagine it with lovemaking.

Gone in sixty seconds?

Multi-functioning, we can use the rife to get rid of your fungal infection at the same time?

I looked in to the Ampcoil a while back and what I found was disturbing. I don’t remember the names and details, but can probably go back and find the email and provide them if you like. I was suspicious from the beginning because they claim to do Rife better than Rife, PEMF better than PEMF, etc. , etc. yet do not list any experts on any of these on their staff. What I found out was that a Sound engineer developed the product, but again, he was/is not an expert on any of these technologies. He formed a partnership with another man and they started building the AMPcoil. They took on a new partner to do product development and marketing and after some months he still had not been providing the percentage he had agreed to pay them per unit sold. Finally they realized he had taken their inventory and profits and left them cash strapped to fight him in court. He renamed the AMPcoil to the AMPcoil II and claimed to be the inventor. The only place I know of where you can find the details on this is in a lengthy post on LinkedIn. The plan of the original inventor is to make a next generation product that will be cheaper and better and to out compete the imposter rather than fight him in court. All that said, it does seem to help some people a lot.

Thanks for sharing that, JonN.

I believe that Sentient Element is the other device in that story.

The Sentient Element person says they developed the AMPCoil.

Sentient Element is similar for $3000 versus $8000 but there are a few differences.

Yeah it looks like they are trying to deliver Rife frequencies via PEMF. Anyone here ever try that? I wonder if the B5 could be tweaked to deliver Rife frequencies…

You’re a step ahead of me. I found a link for the story I outlined from memory and it does indeed lead back to Sentient Element:


Thanks, Jon!

My thoughts is that $8000 for a device with that backstory is a steep price. You can get a rife for something like $1000. Plus the Sentient Light for $3000 still saves you $4000.

I honestly think that Water fasting or Mimicking fasting to get into Autophagy to get rid of all the “cooties” would be more effective than trying to find each frequency in the first place.

From what I remember, people got rid of one thing, then were overrun by Ecoli, then got rid of that and were overrun by something else.

People who “got rid of their tumors” still died of cancer. To me, water fasting and dietary solutions trumped technology, though I do see that tumor treating fields is highly valuable, even if it works slower than Rife - if you find the right frequency - if you don’t find the right frequency, tumor treating fields works over the course of a year and Rife doesn’t do anything.

Someone pointed out that when Rife was doing his process, nobody understood the concept that there were safe and unsafe EMF’s and “Purists” ignore what has been learned by science.


I was looking into Ampcoil for my sibling-he has a very bad case of Lyme and going on year 5. It’s heartbreaking. We have tried many things. Has anyone heard of the micro pulse helping with Lyme at all? I looked in the Lyme section and no comments, but maybe people with Lyme haven’t tried it yet? But loved reading all of these comments as it helped me to be very leery of YOU TUBE video I just watched. The couple promoting the $8,000 machine made me feel very skeptical but you know how it goes when one is so desperate to help a loved one. But I have heard good things about Ampcoils from the Lyme groups, some said it was a game changer but some said it didn’t do anything. But the interesting thing about the video I just watched was the topic was Amp Coil and PEMF in one or something to suggest that in the video. It all gets so confusing and frustrating. Can that be true that it’s a PEMF and Ampcoil in one?

while there may not be testimonials on pemf directly treating lyme, you may find useful info about drinking PEMF water (aka magnetic water, structured water, etc) for health (detoxifying the body).

when dealing with Lyme, I do know people are dealing with pathogens… pemf water has been an unexpected bonus in helping health.

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Thank you for the information on the magnetic water. I will look into that. Appreciate it.

I was listening to a podcast with Robert Slovak. He is supposedly an expert in water and water filtration and has been working in the water inudstry for decades. He said the stomach acid will render water structuring useless. Super interesting episode called water and water filtration from Ben Greenfield. Learned about things like Quinton Plasma, Hyrogen tablets, and deuterium depleted water. He releases transcripts of episodes so you dont have to listen to the whole thing. You can read or just do a keyword search on the page.

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admittedly, i don’t know much about structured water. all i know is that there was a definite impact (benefit) applying ices coils on my ro filtered water and drinking it. this wasn’t just a one time occurrence nor just on me… i had monitored for 4 weeks as well as had my family drink this. everyone noticed difference in taste (blind taste test more than one occasion) and effect.

perhaps ices water is not the same as structured water? i assumed it was…:thinking:

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I wanted to share that just in case you’re going into water hacking. The episode talks about three interesting things for me: quinton marine plasma, hydrogen tablets and deuterium depleted water. I’m not really looking to buy anything but just want to know more about it.
I’ve tried the M1 on my water for different durations and I noticed that there was some effect. I just don’t know what it’s doing to me exactly so I stopped it after a week of drinking it.
Tell us more about structured water and using your pemf on your water when you get new discoveries. Happy hacking.


Thanks for all this info - its all new to me. Is the Muse, Mindplace and Laxman the same as the BrainTap headset?