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Any worry about pemf growing cancer cells?

My 91 year old has squamous cell skin cancer tumor on his head and with his age and frail condition, radiation treatment etc. was ruled out. I own M1 ICES and began using it on him but my sister was worried because she read online that since pemf can grow new cells that in theory could grow cancer cells. Basically my father is just on pain management with the tumor and I’m just trying something instead of nothing at all. I was just wondering if anyone heard of any reason to worry about pemf accelerating cancer growth,

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Here is a PubMed article about PEMF and Cancer.

Could he do dietary solutions with it? Things like limiting animal products to 5% of the calories generally “shuts off” tumor growth. That is the word the researchers used. That is by decreasing IGF-1, which Cancer uses to grow. If you can go all the way over to a Whole Food Plant Based diet or Gerson or a fairly restricted Keto those all can slow the progression. The version of Keto would be 5% animal products with lots of low glycemic index vegetables.

Blueberries double natural killer cells.

Get organic versions of the foods versus cancer.

Broccoli, Broccoli Sprouts, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, Green beans, Kale, Cabbage, Onions, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon, Matcha Green Tea, Dandelion Roots, Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Apple (with peels), Pomegranate, Lemon, Cranberries, Walnuts, Black Beans, Tomatoes, Carrots

I added tomatoes and carrots in because of how many people have been healed using those two. Gerson has people drinking carrot juice and there was a man who the doctors speak about who had prostate cancer metastasize to his bones and he reversed it eating tomato paste every day or something like that. I personally know several people who have used Gerson who succeeded.

Water fasting might not be recommended for 91 year olds but that would be the quickest thing. I used it on my dog and he went from being so weak that he couldn’t get up off the floor to exploring the neighbor’s yard within 2 weeks. I interacted with a few women with breast cancer and they water fasted for 1 week and their tumors disappeared. That type of fasting usually needs to be medically supervised to check for blood pressure and blood sugar and to monitor the heart if there is any heart weakness and I am not sure it is wise for a 91 year old. Mimicking fasting is basically giving them low protein soup for a week and that replaces the immune system. Prolon is the name of the program and they sell you packages of what to eat for the week. I think they even let you eat shirataki noodles, which would make it more filling.

Is there immunotherapy available for that type of cancer? There might be a study on it. That is one of the exciting topics in Cancer.

Building his immune system is something, which may be the most important. Beta Glucans extend mortality. (Medicinal Mushrooms and/or Nutritional Yeast and/or supplementing with something like Transfer Point Beta Glucan.) No matter what have him eat all of the blueberries and broccoli that he can handle.

Medicinal Mushrooms would be one which has promise.

Modified Citrus Pectin is one, which in studies has slowed rate of Metastases.

Turmeric and Garlic and Ginger are others which are so powerful.

There was one person who reversed Pancreatic Cancer with Turmeric. Note that I said one, but more than one had it shrink with it and that is Pancreatic Cancer.

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Sloan Kettering uses the following for that type of Cancer:
Photodynamic therapy if it is precancerous. The procedure involves applying a special chemical to the skin and then exposing the area to a certain wavelength of light. The light causes the chemical to release reactive oxygen molecules, which destroy the precancerous cells.

They also use topical chemotherapies. Did he already try any of those? (Cancer centers often do things differently than local hospitals)

Fluorouracil (5-FU); cream or lotion at home for three to six weeks.

Imiquimod; you apply this topical lotion at home; it causes local immune cells to attack abnormal tissue.

BEC5 Eggplant Extract is something you can buy on Amazon.


I watched a video of a man who used it and it leaves a mark, which generally fills in later. Meaning it looks ugly for several weeks, but it worked, and got less ugly later. It took a long time.

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People ask me this question from time to time. I have looked into the scientific literature on the effect, and there does not seem to be any strong evidence that PEMF causes a problem such as this. Maybe it has just never been reported, but I am pretty sure if it did cause this problem, it would be very easy to publish and everyone would know about it and PEMF would be strongly suppressed by the mainstream and central government.


@James_Lucey, I recently read an article about a cream that can wipe out skin cancer in @ 8 weeks, For what it is worth , here is a link to the scanned article. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3A62a1d385-c4f2-4f2d-ac75-b8e4b1024ff3
Best wishes to you and your dad,
p.s. I should have read more carefully …it is the same cream that @Bettereveyday recommended! So now you have a little more info about the cream. : )

on the note about cancer, anyone looking for options outside standard care, there is promising evidence of repurposed antiparasitic drugs that have shown results:

fenbendazole is one… ivermectin, niclosamide and a few others show similar promise… metformin (not mentioned on that fb page) has been shown to have efficacy against cancer cells.

One suggestion I heard once, from a very respectable person, was that several types of skin cancer were responsive to simple iodine, just the type you would use as a commonly-available antiseptic, applied topically of course. Just a few drops directly on the cancerous areas (his were evidently tiny), and it apparently was helpful to remove any “keratinaceous crusts” (as he described them) before applying the drops of iodine.
I have no direct experience with this myself, so I am just passing it along in the spirit of an “has anyone else heard this” comment. It evidently helped this person quite a lot, and cleared up his problem within about 2 weeks of daily application. He went on to elaborate that the cancerous cells were more permeable (?) to iodine, or somehow they were less able to remove it, and thus the cancer cells accumulated much higher levels than normal cells, to the point where the iodine simply killed the cancer cells by selective cytotoxicity. Smart man, a pharmacist preceptor, and I value his opinions.
I am not sure (and apologize) if this is common knowledge, just thought I would pass it along since iodine is so easily accessible and inexpensive and (I think) pretty safe.


There is an oncologist from Rome who uses iodine. It may depend on the cause of the cancer. His theory is that Cancer is a fungus and that the iodine destroys the proteins in the fungus fairly quickly. I believe that he uses a solution of sodium bicarbonate before starting the iodine solution. That is what I read, but it was other people talking about him on the internet and I do not know that they are getting his protocol right.

I will mention that there are big arguments between medicine and alternative medicine, about this area and that surgeons say that people use these alternative methods and may not get it all and that could cost them down the line.

Either way, these things definitely do get rid of the visible cancer and surgery is so much more expensive and it often leaves big scars because they are trying to cut for “margin” and even when they do the surgery, it often get everything.

My uncle had a melanoma and had surgery twice on his head and he became so ridiculously disfigured and spent so much money on the surgeries and pain meds and he still had it spread.

I go back to the fact that after medicine fails, the dietary solutions have gotten rid of it. I am not saying that to point someone to cure their cancer with diet alone. I am just saying that many people do things after failing with modern medicine and end up getting healed.

Immunotherapy and Tumor Treating Fields are fabulously much less destructive and there are many interesting testimonials coming out.

I am still trying to understand the difference between the ICES and the devices used for Tumor Treating Fields.

my thought is that dmso alone or in combination with iodine would generally work better for melanoma. of course undoing the root cause of the condition is best.

Hi Bob, I was interested in trying this on a couple suspicious spots in the interim time before I have them looked at by a dermatologist. Was just wondering what the protocol was, such as how many times a day did he apply it or was it just once a day. Thanks for any info.

Hi James, I don’t think that level of detail has been worked out. Mostly it is just people trying things randomly, some of them report to me, others do not. Overall, my sense from the many reports I have gotten from people who have tried various strategies is that the best results are when people use ICES-PEMF for long periods, daily. Any of the general pulse patterns seem to be about equivalent: omni-8, Schumann4, B5-C5, Alpha-wave.

I would say that intensity is not a substitute for time, i.e., you do not get the same effect with twice the intensity in half the time.

I would use these at a medium (but not excessively high) intensity for at least 6-8 hours per day, and I would pay very close attention to how I am responding.

That is what I would do, but keep in mind, this is not proven in any way, and all of this is just my personal observations based on random anecdote. So, please, be careful.