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Any new opinions on Earthing?

I saw some older posts on the subject and Bob related that he had some colleagues who think its premise is valid. I recently read this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3265077/

Thank you for his extensive info, and positive that the NIH has taken significant interest. I remain a believer and reserve my ‘intake’ of the earth’s electrons to natural means of walking on the earth, through ‘clean grass’ and a recent enjoyment of wading through the water on a sandy beach. Likely research into the concept is minimal due to lack of any financial incentive, given that it is free to those partaking.

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Did earthing with an earthing “mat” for 6 hours/day for months. Did absolutely nothing.

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I’ve greatest confidence in the natural, but earth related products can be there for cold winter months when it’s not possible to walk through the grass, on the earth or a sandy beach and through the water. These leave me feeling refreshed to the max! It’s good to be searching for natural remedies…they’re out there and I find that once on the path, I’m not goin’ back :slight_smile:

Yes during the warmer parts of the year earthing is a lot easier for those of us that can afford to be at home and have a garden to get ones hands into, for the winter season I got carried away a couple of years ago and installed earth connections into bedrooms and our office, outside I installed a few copper coated electrical ( 1200 mm long ) standard spikes into our garden, our PC key boards have custom ( easily purchased on line ) made products under them, works great, plenty of bear hands contact direct to mother earth, have foot units but require bear feet.

Nothing new to add re earthing, just that I take every opportunity to ground naturally with shoes off in the grass, sand, water. I’m totally sold that our modern shoes prevent us from earth’s healing energies. No coincidence that native, indigenous people may enjoy greater health given their barefoot lifestyles. Something that has occurred to me, granted ‘far out’, is on the subject of the national dangerous problem of speed on our streets. Having a belief in the energies down under, is there ‘any’ possibility that this really difficult problem to solve is somehow related to ‘those energies’ having an effect on the out of control speeders? Granted it is a bizarre concept, but the authorities are very challenged in solving this problem before many people lose their lives. We know that in nature beings in the animal kingdom are affected by forces deep within the earth related to migration, etc…people too, causing crazed driving? For a time I was mulling that it is an addiction…thrill, reward, unhealthy, really tough to remedy, etc. From a functional thought process, seeking the root of a problem, the energies/speeding potential occurred?? Maybe a question for Ober and the Earthing experts.

I’m about 3 weeks into learning and experimenting w/grounding my body voltage. It’s a very interesting “natural therapy.” I got a multimeter to measure the voltage my body was putting out or absorbing and surprisingly it ranged from 3-5volts depending on what electrical devices I was around or touching. I never gave it much of a second thought all this emf stuff until i saw people talking about the documentary, “earthing the movie”… people in the forum I was in discussed their experiences and the basic concept. Of course, they have a smattering of studies out on pubmed and a ton of testimonials online. sooo of course, i just had to investigate! :slight_smile:

i’m still just about a week of actual use into grounding at night. I can say that my garmin shows my stress level go down from my usual 22 to about 9-16 range. while saying that i feel refreshed is subjective … i generally do feel that when i get up. I will have to consistently log my results. using ices pemf, i would get simliar lower stress level measurements, but they seemed to be about 4 days out of 7 hit/miss.

i have noticed a few interesting perceived benefits from grounding within the first week… even after the first day. food coma has been with me for the last 30 years… it’s just annoyingly awful. i would brown out within the first 2hrs after a meal despite having a 4 shot espresso and coffee (not exaggerating), so if I know I can’t risk dozing off for a few mins, I would make sure to avoid eating. conveniently this has worked well w/my interest in intermittent fasting, so it hasn’t been all THAT miserable. another problem that has plagued me is the brown out that hits me at 4 or 5p EVERYDAY. I can avoid dozing off if I choose to do something physically engaging in cardio at that time. but to hope i’ll be wide awake during this window w/o engaging in exercise, FORGET IT.

with nothing else changed in my diet or routine except for sleeping grounded, I have noticed these 2 things greatly mitigated or even gone from my schedule! we’ll see how lasting this effect is tho.

people who have been earthing daily also say that the benefits are cumulative, so will see what other goodies await.

i wonder if this IS the solution to protecting oneself from all emf exposure and the nasty symptoms that go along w/prolonged and high exposure. I would venture to say this is the solution to protect ourselves from daily emf from today’s tech.

oh… and here’s a short video to give a li’l more info about earthing/grounding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcHEWH8Eh0Q

I bought a couple grounding mats but haven’t tried them. I will put one under the mattress cover and see what happens.

Have you tried a CGM or a skin prick glucose test to see what your glucose levels are doing after eating? Mine was spiking 100+ points and I now realize that is when I would be dragging / feel like falling asleep. Going keto and wearing a CGM has been incredibly effective for what I am working on.

yes, for sure my glucose needs to be monitored, and that is very likely the cause of my food coma. i’ve been on and off the wagon for keto, but i haven’t been able to maintain that diet long enough to turn things around. that’s my last stone to turnover, tho… consistent diet - cutting out the carbs and sugars… arrrrghhh!! haha

Going keto, taking Perfect Amino, and doing X3 Bar, and having 3m Transpore tape over my mouth when I sleep has been transformative for me. It’s boosted energy levels, reduced fat, increased lean muscle mass, and boosted testosterone significantly and I have no more food comas. I use Levels Health app and wore a CGM for about 4 months until I learned what spiked my levels. Now, I don’t feel the need to wear the CGM but every couple months to check my levels. Need to add 10min HIIT Elliptical (low joint impact) though to my routine, to address some residual insulin resistance markers. These combined with my trusty ICES PEMF M1 any time I feel a tendon or ligament issue makes me feel better than even when I was a teen. Appreciate you sharing your grounding observations - definitely looking forward to trying that.

Mentioned this elsewhere but we tried a grounding mat 8 hours/day for 3 months. Did absolutely nothing. “Your results may differ” :upside_down_face:.

that’s interesting…i wonder what your surroundings are like compared to mine. i live in a townhouse with a shared wall with my neighbor… I’ve noticed my body voltage is 3-3.5 during the day and a 2 at night…i don’t know what factors affect me where grounding has shown a noticeable impact on my energy levels throughout the day.

when i ground, my body voltage drops from the average of 3-2.5 volts down to 60-40mV that’s about a 98% reduction that my body gets to enjoy stress free during the night compared to not being grounded.

did you ever get to measure before and after just to see what load you had before grounding? i wonder if my case is a little more extreme in load I’m exposed to daily and current health condition to where my body can appreciate the benefit of grounding.

i began with a mat but have going using a wrist band is more consistent and reliable in grounding as it has constant contact with my skin vs a mat that i may roll off from our later of clothes that might reduce conductivity.

my environment isn’t emf smog friendly…8 have LEDs, light switch dimmers, battery chargers, computers, wifi access points and many other electrical appliances around me. maybe even more so than the average person since i work with computers and networks on a regular basis… but then again, these days everyone is exposed to a lot of tech regardless of the work they do anyway.

CGM is a great idea that has been on my list to try…i wonder if i can get a prescription from my doctor to have insurance help me pay for that. it would be nice to know what my levels are and what spikes me. with all this rain and cold weather, i got lazy and used that as my excuse to stop running. I’m about a month to 6 weeks break from running. the weather is warming up and so melt away my excuses. diet i can get back on the wagon and i bet the CGM would be a nice reminder to keep on task with diet.

i had pizza for dinner (yes, terrible… don’t judge me! :grinning:) and this is the first time in a LONG time that i did not succumb to food coma! that is a miracle in my world! haha

that said, i can let this mask my need to get my blood sugar levels in check and diet straightened out!

hope you get great benefit too using the grounding mat. if you get a chance, order a 25$multimeter online and get a reading of you body voltage before and after grounding just to get an idea of what you’re working with!