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Anemia Treatment Using an ICES Device

Love to know if anyone has treated anemia, or near or border-line anemia using an ICES device and achieved any benefits? Thanks!

For Iron deficiency anemia, about to embark on addressing near border-line for one in my family via gut work. As seen in my earlier posts, I can share ICES PEMF definitely shifts the gut. If you have a lot of dysbiotic bacteria, I recommend you go slowly (like 5 minutes around naval area for the first day and assess response next day for diarrhea, headaches, malaise, etc. Will need 4 or so more months before the next lab test to share the impact on ferritin levels.

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Hi TajD,

Hope your treatments give you relief. My own situation is different in that my iron levels are fine but I have a genetic weakness in utilizing B-12. I’ve found that loading up on sublingual, methyl B-12 with a folate supplement helped and another form of B-12 called HydroxoCobalamin is even more effective, but I’m still assuming that applying an ICES coil to the right part of the body will provide a powerful healing tool. /Robert

Hi @rjj1234, here are my two cents. I am not a doctor and YMMV. From my experience, I think PEMF helps with my gut which would help with absorption of vitamins and minerals.

As far as my MTHFR genes, I don’t think ICES PEMF provides much uplift there. I guess technically ICES PEMF could lower inflammation which could allow for an overall increase in DNA coded enzyme function on genes (including MTHFR genes). To me, it seems ICES PEMF would not be a direct path to help pernicious anemia.

Since you are using sublingual hydroxocobalamin and methyl B12, you are not relying on the absorption in the small intestine, which seems like a smart and a direct path to me FWIW.

Another path is transdermal, which my family is using due to small intestine absorption issues caused by mold toxicity.

Are you using B12 Methylmalonic Acid (Urine) to measure your B12 levels or which test are you using?

HI TajD, I had a Methylmalonic Acid blood serum test and came up in a perfectly healthy range. Intersting about the transdermal B-12 patch. Especially if the delivery is smooth throughout the day and the allergic dermatitis at the contact point is minimal. Thanks for the head’s up about that. Are you or your family members tracking folate levels and folate/folic acid intake amounts for optimal safety and feelings of well-being? /Robert

Right now we are using a transdermal cream, so unfortunately it isn’t a patch providing a smooth delivery throughout the day. We are taking folate as well, but due to not having the bottom of the pyramid addressed and due to transsulfuration issues, we have to lay off methylfolate as that has caused a crash after a couple weeks of use.