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Almag (Russian)

Hello everyone!
I have been reading up on the Almag
Pemf equipment. Has anyone had experience with any of their devices?

I haven’t but think Dr. Bob Dennis’ ICES PEMF devices (A9, M1, C5) are amazing at really helping me. In USD prices, his M1 is 1/7 of the price of the Almag from what I see online. What is it that you like about the Almag compared to your understanding of ICES PEMF?


Bob wrote something here: Thoughts on PEMF Manufacturers

"Almagia: My opinions - Their tech is based on very out-dated soviet magnetic technology from the 1960’s, and the company itself is one of those that is known to focus on the hustle and hype of PEMF. They have recently done a corporate make-over and the CEO has been trying to connect with me on LinkedIn for some reason, but I have no interest because I believe they bring nothing of value to the table. This is the kind of company that will get PEMF listed as “massage device” with the FDA to take advantage of a regulatory loophole rather than just being honest about what they have.

Either of these product lines probably work (most commercial PEMF does, more or less), so if that is what you want, there is certainly plenty of it out there. Caveat Emptor."


I was looking at one of their devices which linked to Chiro hub which highly recommend their devices. In retrospect I’m assuming that Chiro hub most likely is an advertiser for Al.magia. Thanks for your thoughts Bob.

Thanks for your testimonial. Was just evaluating different options. Read what I said to Bob