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Almag 01 opinions

I am curious about the Almag 01.
Does anyone have any experience of this unit. As from my understanding. Could It fall into a regional category. As a pemf machine?
I am interested in Russian technology as they have different ideas on engineering and
technology compared to the west.
I was thinking of buying 3 to 4 Almag 01 devices to cover my body. Instead of buying the expensive full body mats that Mr Dennis says don’t work.
My thinking is that 4 Almags would be a third cheaper and 4 times stronger

I have ordered one, but no chance to test it for another month. It runs off mains. I fully intend to buy an M1, so the AMT-01M is mostly for loaning out. I’m concerned it might have too much extra current. The stuff Bob took out from his devices.

From what I can see this device is used at clinics in Belarus. Possibly also privately. I would guess you’d need to limit use to a certain amount per day rather than use as much as practically possible the way you would with Bob’s devices.

They say it’s meant primarily for pain. Which means it’s not necessarily a good idea for systems that are run down.

This video would be relevant for the AMT-01, I would think, more so than for Bob’s devices:

How would it compare to other devices? No clue. It might be more or less intensity. What I’m sure of is that it’s more than Bob’s devices. And since I think Bob’s got the right idea, that’s not necessarily a good idea. Especially if you were to listen to Bob’s advice and then use a device not meant for using that way.

Thank you for your reply.
From watching Dr. Pawluks podcasts. He uses the full body mats for potentially preventative measures and anti aging. The Almag 01 has 4 applicators creating a total of 200 Gauss. Which I am guessing is 50 Gauss an applicator evenly spread out over the body.
Which could be in total 600 to 800 Gauss depending on how many Almags you spread over the body. For instances 1 on each leg and 1 or 2 on the upper body.
I only have a limited budget so if I blow £3000 on a Curatron home. I have all my eggs in 1 basket. So far I have spent £405 on 1 Sota for high intensity local application for deep body work. £245 on 1 Almag 01 for regional work and I have ordered 2 reconditioned micropulse A9 units at roughly £600 from Micropulse’s Ebay site.
1 for my mum and 1 for me as a mobile unit.
Now I just need a full body unit for preventative measures. So that’s why I was asking about the idea of using multiple Almags. I would love to buy a full body micropulse unit.
Mr Dennis doesn’t make them yet. He says that the existing systems available are not truly full body units.So that’s why I came up with the idea of multiple Almags to cover the body.
Could this be an economical way. To achieve a full body experience?
The Almags in the U.K. are £246. I look forward to any opinions on this idea. Whether it is me being stupid or clever?

The Almag 01 is different from AMT-01. AMT-01 is made by Amkodor Belvar. Not sure if they make the Almag as well.

I would be wary of using several machines that are not synchronized concurrently. You’ll remember from what Bob says that it’s a prime concern for his B5 and C5 - that the coils are synchronized.

A guy who uses an A9 says he got a systemic effect after a few weeks. I will not buy anything else until I’ve tested the M1 for quite a while, and I would recommend you also put on the breaks.

The AMT-01 is a throwaway, but what you’re talking about costs about the same each as a used A9.

Also, I would rather look at an Omi mat (there’s a company selling in the UK, including a smaller mat, and Amazon UK without. Discounted compared to earlier) than multiple Almags. And I hope Bob comes out with a mat soon, because Omi isn’t super good. It’s just inside your envelope and I would bet safer than multiple Almags.

I have not Sean the AMT unit. Before I found out about ICES. I was getting my information from Dr. Pawluks website. I just bought his latest book. I’m only half way through. The Almag 01 is one of his recommended devices along side Micropulse. But he doesn’t like the Omi devices.
What is the science and concern behind the synchronized pemf signals?

I’m looking at videos for Almag now. I agree it’s an interesting device.

I also saw something Bob said about synchronized coils. To double them up, and use more than two, they need to be synchronized.

If I were you I would use what you already bought for a while, before buying multiples of one device.

Sounds like you can use the Almag several places for several sessions in one day. I would think it’s stronger than many of the mats, so keep that in mind. You won’t know until you start testing how much your system can handle in a day. Maybe you’ll find one of them is enough.