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All in right from the start?

Hi again,

Being new I’m full of questions :smile:

So I got the M1 3 days ago and being really exited I jumped all in right away. Was wearing it pretty much all day and then yesterday I put it under my neck running all night while I was sleeping. It did give me a great sleep but I woke up a bit dizzy. Also today I felt dizzy here and there.

So maybe it’s not so smart to jump right into hours and hours of PEMF all day and night. Is this something the body has to get used to and is it better to work up to it slowly?

Is this something that can happen in the beginning?

You didn’t mention the pulse pattern or strength setting you used over night. Nor a more precise position of the coils on your neck. Were your coils stacked or separate? Once as a newbe i also slept with them stacked near the base of the skull at a level of around 9 as i recall and experienced a weird sort of dizzyness or numbness. From then on if i used M1 near my head i keep the level 5 or less. Also i think i was in the Omni mode. I tend to use that mode often. Changing slight location placement and modes were also beneficial for inflammatory issues in my experience for the few years i’ve had my device.

I put it right bellow my pillow so kind of around the base of the scull. I used the Delta for sleep but think it was on 9 or 10 :exploding_head:. Yes definitely too high for that long around the head. You live and learn…

My advice: start “Low and Slow”

This is one of the few things out there that actually works and is not “child proofed”, so please do not strap it on, crank it up, and go to sleep.

The negative effects of doing so seem to be dizziness, but just for a day or two.


Yes learned my lesson on this one. Having done so I have been going more “low and slow” and my lower back is getting better and better!