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A9a model and I have these conditions

Hi there,

I bought an A9a model in 2015. I had severe MCAS with only tolerating 3 foods. I had brainfog issues daily. I tried it for brainfog and for some weird reason PEMF caused me immediate brain fog increase that lasted for 24h at least. I tried it a few to times to make sure it was no chance finding but it was reproducible. Therefore, I stopped.

Since then this device was laying around here except one more time I broke a rib, I placed it on my rib as many hours as I could for the first 2 weeks. Since I cannot compare it to without wearing the ICES device, I have no clue whether it worked or not. But to be honest, except for those 2 weeks I never really tried it consistenly for anything. For example, I had a tendinites on my knee. I placed the ICES there and did it for 48h. Did not notice any improvements, then I stopped.

I want to be more persistent now and give this technology as real try. I have the following conditions to treat:

  • ILT syndrome right knee that is chronic. Whenever I go running, I get muscular and tendon issue lateral at the right knee.
  • tennis ellbow left
  • MCAS (anybody experience to treat the immune system as a whole? Maybe putting it on the colon makes most sense then?)
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Vitiligo
  • Erectile dysfunction and low Libido
  • regular sore muscles from exercises that is much more than when I was younger and healthier. I am still “young” at 35 years old.

If you have any tips for me please let me know! One question I defnitively have is: How long should I use ICES for one particular goal before I can conclude it does not work?

Karl, sorry to hear of your conditions. The A9 helped my knees, but I haven’t needed it since I drink bone broth and chicken feet soup, along with collagen peptides.

I am not a medical professional, but you seem to be a good candidate for functional medicine to get at the root causes, which conventional medicine doesn’t really attempt to do.

I would also consider electromagnetic fields as affecting your immune system and muscle aches. Look into Blushield products for EMF protection. This is cutting edge technology that does not attempt to block EMFs because that is virtually impossible to do, especially with 5G. I have the Premium Cube and the Premium Portable, and would recommend them to everyone.

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thanka for getting back. I am not sure regarding this emf stuff tbh. I have improved dramatically in the past 2 years, all while surounded 24/7 by 5G + 2.4G router network, mobile networks, University networks etc. But I am having an eye on that. Do you know if there have been studies conducted that use the technology of the blueshield?

I completely agree with you about bone broth or collagen. The issue is I do not tolerate it well. Do you know if a chickensoop would also work well? Chickenfeet soup I could try. Is that for the collagen as well? Does that work better than cooking a whole
chicken with skin etc?

Hi Karl,

From the sounds of it, this could possibly be an autoimmune issue with perhaps leaky gut, maybe spondyloarthropathy? I would first get my DNA analysed, and test for SIBO and leaky gut. I would also get a test for ESR, CRP, and HLA-B27 status. Arthritis could also be a candidate, but your DNA can help tell the story and identify some likely candidates.

Using ICES on the gut can increase die off from bacteria, which can then translocate into your bloodstream because of leaky gut, and increase your symptoms.

I will be important for you to make sure your merhylation, and phase 1 and 2 of your detoxification pathways are all optimised.

If this is autoimmunity, then there is a way back, although with spondyloarthropathy, its a little complicated, as you might have to adopt a no / low starch diet for a while…

Hope this helps. If you would like to know more, feel free to give me a ping :slight_smile:

Hi Snowfox,

I did all of that already many years ago. Really all of it. That is pretty much what the internet suggests but that approach never worked for me. I got better through 4 evidence based therapies that all target the root cause but I cannot talk here about it, only in private chat.

Methylation pathways open/close is a big scam if you ask me pumping a ton of money into the supplement market. I got very sceptical in the past 10 years having done tons of things. I am really specifically asking for ICES here. But thanks a lot for offering help in these other areas.

Individual responses will vary, and you have to experiment with the system to find the best way to use it for your needs. In general:

I would start with the Omni8 protocol in general (the only one on the A9, no need for you to worry about this)

Use a medium-high setting (“H” on A9, “9” or “10” on an M1 or C5 or B5)

You need to try at least 4 or 5 different coil placements (see many other posts) to determine the best coil placement for your own needs.

Then keep track of your progress (write things down).

Sometimes you will see a positive response (such as pain reduction) in a very short time (~ 1 hour), but more often you need to observe for 2 to 3 weeks for most conditions.

Do not expect miracles. But when it does work, sometimes it feels pretty much like a miracle.


Have you looked into possibly having mold infection that has passed the blood brain barrier? It is possible that you are “stirring up” mycotoxins, for lack of a better word, and experiencing some kind of Herx reaction.

I have generated no data on this topic myself. There is a very limited scientific literature on the effects of PEMF on bacteria, molds, etc. Generally the results are either “no detectable effect”, or “slight suppressive effect on microorganism growth”, or something similar to that. I do not think there have been any scientific papers that show or suggest that PEMF makes any microorganism/infection/toxic reaction worse.

As for stirring up toxic effects within a complex organism, I have not seen anything to indicate that is happening. Could it happen theoretically? I think it unlikely, because the biological effect of PEMF does not seem to be directly against injuries or infections. Rather, PEMF seems to have the effect of making normal tissues function in a more normally healthy way (reduced inflammation for example). If you look at it this way, the normal physiological mechanisms for clearing toxins may be enhanced, so you might expect to see better clearance of toxins and microorganisms when using PEMF. But once again, I have not seen any reliable evidence for this either way.

I have been seeing quite a bit about the Glymphatic system and how it detoxes metals, fluoride, and molds that cross the blood brain barrier. It seems to me if PEMF activates cellular energy, than it could activate a detox response from brain. Stirring up toxins that have deposited in the brain may not be a good idea if we are unable to metabolize and clear them properly due blocked pathways… This appears to be a common complaint in those with auto-immune diseases, specifically Lyme Disease. Dr. Klinghardt has made a fortune off his claims that he is able to properly detox these toxins with specific binder regiments to help clear them from the body.


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With all respect but this detox stuff to me is pseudoscientific. I would appreciate if we could stick within scientific reasoning. There no need for me
to treat my brain as I am feeling fine mentally in any possible way since many years. I focus above average, my mood is great. And the brainfog for me was all gut related. That had nothing to do with the mobilization of “toxins”.

detox not detox… how can this be qualified or managed if there’s no mechanism to track and measure… are you also going by symptoms and feelings to determine if detox effect is “real”?

by that measure, there’s not much more science nor evidence to be had over the other assertion that detoxifying the body etc has impact on one’s health. :thinking: