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A9 vs. C5 for ligament and tendon healing

Hi @Bob – how to think about which device to consider for healing of ligamentous injuries or laxity? Can it also help a clunking TMJ? I read that A9 can penetrate pretty deep, but can C5 go even deeper. Also with A9, using more coils would dilute intensity, so should one buy C5 for higher intensity? Any advice on which what level of intensity is best for laxity? What is the minimum mT on the C5 (I think the minimum for A9 is 2mT). Thanks so much!

The use of peak magnetic field (Gauss or mT) really tells you (almost** see link) nothing about how PEMF works biologically… and please do not respond with links to blogs and marketing material that claim otherwise.

To read more about this, please read my recent post on this topic:

If you accept that lengthy explanation, then I recommend you use a model A9 for your application. It is not always better to use more power. I’ve discussed this so many times that I am actually writing a book about it.

If you still do not believe me, then, sure, go ahead, buy a model C5. That will work, but if you stack up all the coils to get maximum power, then I will probably end up advising you to reduce the power level, because about 95% of people respond best to less than maximum power when using ICES-PEMF technology for almost every possible application.

As evidence to attest to the fact that I am actually telling you my honest opinion, I am trying to tell you that you can save about $1,500 (that is, you do not need to pay me an extra $1,500) to get the same benefit as you would get from using the much less expensive model A9. Seriously, when was the last time a salesperson tried to talk you into spending less?

There are times and applications where a model C5 is the best choice, but in my opinion, this is not one of them unless your meaning is that you intend to use the device on several different anatomical locations (knee, jaw, lower back) at the same time. In that case, a C5 might be best.

I honestly believe you are best starting with a model A9. If you are one of those very rare people who needs absolute maximum power to respond biologically, then you probably need to spend the additional $$$.

Once you have decided which system to try, ligament laxity and TMJ issues do seem to respond pretty well in my experience (including direct personal experience). But it takes a long time of daily use, and initially it may feel like you are getting more laxity (or less joint stability) because the almost immediate effect is reduction of inflammation, which can loosen up joint capsules much faster than they will heal up.

I wanted to buy the C5 after reading on the site. I wrote support, and they recommended to go with A9 instead. I did as they recommended, except I chose M1, since I am the self hacking type.

I fully expected I would end up buying a C5 eventually.

After some flu treatments here and there (right after it arrived), I settled on treating the back of my neck.

I went to intensity 2 fairly quickly.

The area under my tongue responded (reduced inflammation) so much so that it became my primary goal for now. But to get there, the field went through other areas, and it’s stronger closer to the coils.

Eventually I realized I needed to find an area closer to that area (so under my chin) and REDUCE intensity so I could use it LONGER. More intense treatment effect is not something I want. It’s perfect as is.

Right now, I’m at intensity 1, and will likely not move up for the foreseable future, unless I find another area I want to treat with PEMF rather than red light, which has been my primary treatment.

Finding the sweet spot between intensity and time might be more important than blasting it just because.

In my opinion this is a very intelligent way to use ICES-PEMF. For many people, and many conditions, they really do not need excessive power. Very often, less power with a better coil placement and longer time has a much better effect.

I just scored an A9. Have multiple injuries to treat and thought I’d start on trigger finger (ring, right hand). Had the device on for a couple of hours on “M” and my hand began to ache pretty badly though it subsided also somewhat quickly. I placed the coils opposite each other (one in the palm to encircle the affected pulley at the base of my ring finger, the other on top of my hand as close to centering the same area.)

I’m going to use it again tonight while I sleep on the “L” setting in the same position.

Both coils are placed the the bumps away from direct contact with my skin.

Any advice, experience, wisdom that can be shared will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve surgery scheduled for this issue at the end of October so I’ve a bit of time to experiment.

Lastly and of note, this issue in general has recently woken me up out of sound sleep with a rather persistent aching: not pleasant in the least. I don’t do anti-inflammatories have a very clean diet and work with my hands all day on top of this.

Thanks for the kind assistance.

I would say that you have the right initial details right, so daily persistence will be the thing that ends up mattering the most or your outcome.

Per my other posts, it took a couple weeks per finger (one on each hand) to fully resolve. She used ICES PEMF 20+ hrs a day.