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A9 on Sacrum causing sleepy, lethargic feelings

Why do you think my friend is experiencing these symptoms several days in a row using the Micro-Pulse ICES A9?

“I used the ICES for three hours on my sacrum. I felt, a bit sleepy, lethargic, down. Perhaps it was relaxing me. Anyways my pain relief was fantastic almost 100% in that region.”

Several people have reported that initially their massive pain reduction comes along with sleepiness. Usually this is described in very positive terms such as “extreme relaxation”, or “deeper sleep”. I think in general the experiences people have reported to me are seen as very positive overall.

If the response is negative though, try reducing the intensity and/or duration. It may be that the desired pain reduction can be achieved without the other feelings.


Using the M1 on low power levels causes sleepiness. When I put it on a high power level I remain alert. That happens on every program I have tried. Any ideas on why that happens?

individual variability.

Many people have very different responses to the same stimulation parameters. This can be for a lot of reasons. Just as an example:

Person #1 has trouble sleeping and has chronic back pain. They use the Alpha Wave setting on medium intensity on their lower spine, and it makes them sleepy.

Person #2 has trouble concentrating, and they use the Alpha Wave setting on medium intensity on their lower spine, and it makes them alert.

Totally different individual responses for exactly the same setting used on exactly the same anatomic location, but the individual responses are completely different. What is going on?

individual variability.

people are different.

They have differences in the details of their physiology, level of health, age, genetic predispositions, sensitivities, health history, age, expectations, emotional state, socio-economic circumstances, …

By the way, this example is just one of many real examples of real people who have had these very different reactions and who have talked to me about them.

How would I explain this difference? Well, I would speculate the following:

Person #1 had chronic pain that was keeping him awake. By using ICES-PEMF, his chronic lower-back pain was reduced, which made it much easier for him to sleep because he was in much less physical discomfort. So his reaction: sleepiness.

Person #2 had entirely different life circumstances, maybe some sort of CNS neuro-inflammation that was interfering with her concentration. By using ICES-PEMF on her lower spine, she had two effects: reduced neuro-inflammation and entrainment of the CNS to the alpha-wave state, which enhances a state of calm alertness.

I could be wrong about the explanations, but the individual differences were very real.