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A good friend just broke their neck in a car crash, will the M1 work through a neck brace?

Hello @Bob and All, a good friend just broke their neck in a car crash a couple hours ago. He is in an ICU now and getting an MRI to understand the extent of the fracture or break. It appears he can move his hands and feet.

I will give him an M1 I have on hand. I have several questions:

Will the M1 work through a neck brace? If so, should power level be increased to 15 to accommodate the brace in between the coils and the neck?

Would double stacked coils be appropriate or would you use them on the front and back of the neck over the location of the break?

How soon should they start using the M1? I assume immediately, or immediately after discharge from the hospital, whichever can be done earliest.

I need to dig up the earlier posts about supplements for bone growth, but if someone has that handy, can you please share that link or a list of the recommended vitamins/minerals necessary for optimum bone fracture repair?

Thank you, in advance, to @Bob and this sincere, thoughtful, helpful, and high quality forum.

The M1 will work through a neck brace, Consider placing coils on opposite sides of the neck, maybe side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), but should still experiment with other placements because injuries vary a lot.

I would set intensity to 12 or 13.

I would start as soon as possible. I do not think there is any advantage to waiting.

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@bob would working with 2 pairs using a splitter set at X for an a9 on 4 sides be better to begin with?

@TajD boron, magnesium, silica from food grade de or if you want to use what has been used in studies (biosil), you can get similar benefits but in my opinion many times over the cost of de. these are the supplements I’ve known to help with bone health

splitter?: no.

keep it simple, I’ll spare you the technical details.

keep it simple.

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Hello! As long as treatment does not significantly reduce all inflammation in first 7 days or so. Inflammation is critical to the body’s healing process and interfering with that on a cellular level is not indicated.

That is what surgeons will tell you, but they can never give a solid repeatable, scientific reference. But just because people say it all the time does not make it true. As far as I can tell, it is the equivalent of an urban myth in clinical medical culture: widely believed, but not supported by experiment.

So, I tested this several times by applying ICES-PEMF in several studies before and immediately after surgery, and the healing was even better than expected. The data tell a very clear story.

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Quick update - he started upon discharge which was 2 days after the accident. I’ll look to see if he is open to me sharing the outcomes and share if he is.

Hi @TajD, any updates on how your friend is doing with PEMF after the unfortunate whiplash? Would be great to know outcomes. Thanks

Hi @skn, thanks for asking and the prompt for me to post back. They are 26 and experienced a full recovery with full range of motion after breaking the neck - they used ICES PEMF over the neck brace diligently. They find that it helped greatly.

What protocol was used?

The person @TajD is talking about may be different, but as a general guideline the protocols will be different, depends on the individual.
Best place to start with most types of injuries is Omni-8, intensity 9 (the default settings).

He used Omni-8 intensity 12 (rather than default M1 setting of 9) in light of the neck brace.

that is fantastic news!

Outstanding, thanks. Omni-8 really appears to work very consistently well for all sorts of orthopedic injury.