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2x2 stacked array orientation?

Hi Bob

I plan to construct a stacked 2x2 array powered by my C5 to cover deeper/wider area on my hip.

With the individual coils, I stack them bumpy side to bumpy side but the 2x2 array does not have a bumpy side.

How do I orient the 2x2 array for stacking?


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1- stack them together
2- Insert hexagonal coil tester between any 2 stacked coil loops.
3 - If it flashes brightly, you are good-to-go.
4- If it flashes dimly or not at all, then rotate one of the 2x2 coils 90 degrees (either one, either way)
5- re-test as above until it flashes brightly


@Ohio-User Thanks for asking this, I was wanting to know the same thing. Searched and found this post!

@Bob thanks for explaining this.