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Feeling of internal motor running


I do get experiences like that, too.

I never analyzed what it would be.

I think I attribute it to circulation increasing or something.

Not sure that helps you, but I want to acknowledge that you are not alone.

In fact, sometimes I look to see if I accidentally still had the M-1 on.

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Thanks for reply. As I understand it in your video, the emf field induction into the body causes increased ion flow in the paramembraneous fluid inside and around the cells.
Can this increased ion flow be directly measured as an increase in cell voltage or current, or some other way to electrically measure the change?

That is the scientific challenge. So far as I know, we have no way of measuring this particular kind of ionic flow. As a result, we do not have a scientific way to study the effects of this particular type of very low-level ionic flow, because we can not yet detect, measure, and control that flow yet.

NOTE: Ionic flow in other directions at the cellular level is easy to measure, such as patch clamping to detect single ion crossings of a membrane. Since this can be easily measured, it has been extensively studied for decades, receptors have been identified and characterized in detail, cascades of events have been elucidated, etc.

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noticing now, after a month of ices M1 being placed anywhere on my body for hours at a time, that afterward when I do weight lifting or stretching, this visceral feeling of vibrating…increases dramatically in frequency like when you crimp a hose full of running water. The vibration seems to be emanating from deep in the fascia, which Dr. Tennant calls the electrical wiring system. Fascial stiffness over my whole body has been my main issue for decades, so I assume the pemf is noticeably charging up my wiring system. My stamina and strength have increased and look forward to more progress.

I had never heard of Dr. Tennant. I found him. He has a tens with a special frequencies. Wow, he is out of my price range and requires a prescription.

Bob had talked about how this PEMF is better than tens because it penetrates the skin and is operating according to Faraday’s law. (He said it a long, long time ago and I am not a science person so I am nervous about writing why it is better. Faraday’s law is the best I can do.

His device seems to have a pemf function as well as tens. I have never tried it. In any case, this lecture is interesting and spells out his theories including the one about fascia being electrical wiring.

Wow, his personal story is quite fascinating.

When a doctor has to become a self-hacker things get interesting.

The information is above my understanding, but his story is really fascinating.

I followed it and was fascinated until the emotion thing.

That is where he lost me.

I did start looking up PubMed articles on things like grounding for the electrical part, but he didn’t prove to me that the part about the emotions. I was missing the studies or some sort of link connecting that part.

I guess I was missing the studies on the teeth as circuit breakers, etc.

I am not saying that he is wrong. I just needed more than what he gave. I needed him to show something showing that the immune system dropped by 63% percent after a root canal, for instance.

That is a powerful sentence. Now show it in a study of some sort.

Or show it in darkfield microscope imagery.

He showed the fungus part and that was interesting, but he made a whole bunch of leaps without showing the sources of information.

He seems very intelligent and, obviously, I am here using PEMF and barely have heard the word Faraday as how much understanding I have.

I have been watching the science music video guy’s teachings on the chemistry required for biology majors. This might take a while.

I’ve had feelings like that as well! But I’ve done enough experimentation that I am very certain its from home wiring magnetic fields. I have an emf meter and I can tell when EM fields are high because when I lay down to sleep my whole body shakes like theres a minor earth quake, and sometimes I can hear it, like a motor running. Everytime I’ve verified afterwards with the EMF meter, I’ve been right. So perhaps you can check if your PEMF use is correlated with a specific location that has high EMF.

I think that is probably correct. That’s why I snoop around my home and lab periodically with my EMI meter, to see if that stuff is becoming a problem. If it is, I take corrective action.

I deleted it, but it wouldn’t delete.

The thing is, I am using sound waves and have used tuning forks and can get into things like MIT using gamma sound waves. I am not comfortable with when the things switch from the physics to more New Age.

I’m curious to get your feedback regarding our shared experience of feeling internal motor running. To me it’s such a clear and overt indication of something happening… it intrigues me.
Does it occur every time you use ices and does it feel the same or do you feel it in different locations?
Does it matter where you place the coils, etc?
Has it changed since you began using ices?
What do you feel it is or means?


It definitely changes.

And coil placement definitely changes it.

There are some spots, which seem to flow energy all the way down to my toes and others I only experience the ICES locally.

Today, I used the C-5 for the first time and I feel like the experience was heightened, particularly using the deep coils.

But I am on the first day of that and haven’t played with the pad or the other applicators yet.

Some spots on my body definitely hit my nervous system, is my layman’s guess.

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yes it’s like my nervous system is impacted . The following is an popular body of work on how to initiate body tremoring in order to release trauma
https://traumaprevention.com. However I was never able to get a consistent shaking from doing it.
With ices it’s more internal or deeper…more like motor running than shaking, plus much longer lasting. And with me it’s uniform over body, and only the intensity changes. Sometimes I feel some pressure in my head around trigger points, even though coils are on torso where I feel nothing locally.

Do you have the M-1 or the C-5?

I just got the C-5 and after 1 day, it is switching to a full body experience.

I have M1. Is the deep coil the only thing you are doing differently with C5 ? And wondering why that be felt differently than simply increasing intensity on M1?

I was using the power fairly low on the M-1. I only used it high when I used it on specific injuries.

With the C-5, I can use it low and using the deep coils, I can feel it as a whole body experience.

I also probably am using Schumann 4 more. I like that one very much.

@Bob, what EMF reader do you like/ recommend?

The one I have used is:
Acousticom 2 Pocket-Sized EMF Meter 0.2-8.0GHz

This is not the professional, laboratory-grade type of instrument that I would normally like to use, but it seems to do a good enough job for searching for hot-spots. I posted a YouTube video using this device:

i have not yet felt that “internal motor running” sensation w/o the device, BUT i have felt a sense of calm over my body when sleeping with it… a few times when it is quiet and I awaken w/the device running, I do feel this “blanket” of peace/calm over me. This is just running the a9 unit too.